Dumb Ass of the week 01/14/2020

Jan 15 , 2020

Dumb Ass of the week 01/14/2020

DAW 01/14/2020

What a Difference a Week Makes

“You can kill a man, but not an idea” a very poignant quote by Medgar Evers, the great civil rights leader who himself was assassinated in 1963, prior to the passage of the Civil Rights Act. The pages of history are filled with stories of changes which took generations to materialize that had all started with an idea.  An idea that challenged the status quo and was viewed as a threat to the powers that be. Welcome to modern day Iran, and the hope of a better tomorrow for so many held captive by a brutal regime. Free is not freeAnd, oh what a difference a week makes…even for a brutal regime. This week’s Dumbass honor goes to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his entire government, for taking several actions which we think will be the catalyst to effecting lasting and positive changes in Iran.

The usual protests in the streets of Tehran led with chants of “Death to America” or “Death to Israel” have been replaced by chants of “Death to the Dictator” or “Khamenei is finished”, and more to the point, the protestors have taken caution to walk around the painted flags of both the United States and of Israel, which lie on the streets of Tehran, Gun Controldesigned for people to walk upon for the express purpose of showing disrespect. Posters of Gen. Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian military leader who was killed last week in a U.S. sanctioned drone attack, are being removed from buildings by these same protestors. The Iranian people are fighting back and making sure that their voices are heard. In short, the Khamenei regime has had a very bad week which only started with their top general being killed. Every move they have made since then has only made their problems worse. 

A quick recap from the point of the Soleimani drone attack. Even the Democrats in the U.S. Congress, who passed a non-binding resolution (legalese for something which cannot be enforced) to try to prevent Donald Trump from dealing with Iranian terrorists and looking so gosh darn effective, have finally acknowledged that Soleimani was a bad guy who should have been taken out years ago. The Khamanei regime promised “harsh revenge” to the U.S. for taking out their general who had helped plan the attack on the US embassy in Iraq, just two days prior. The Democrats in Congress and the Democrats in the media all started to predict that Donald Trump had started World War III.  In a show of force, the Iranian regime put on a grand fireworks display sending missiles to Iraq aimed at several U.S. Military bases, no real damage was sustained and no one was injured at any of the bases. However, ironically, at the same time as these attacks were taking place, a commercial jet which took off from Iran, Ukraine International Airlines flight 752, which had 176 passengers from Iran; Canada; Ukraine; Sweden; Afghanistan; Germany and England fell out of the sky, with no survivors. Iran had promised a full investigation and after three days of complete denials, intense international pressure and outrage by their own residents and the world, have finally been able to tie the two events together. Socialism SucksThey claim to have arrested dozens of people for the unintentional downing of the airliner but still blame the United States for its role in ratcheting up tensions between the two countries.  It’s fair to note, that no one had ever suggested that Iran intentionally took down a plane but have only ever argued they are just so damn incompetent. The first question an honest media would ask is: why was commercial air traffic not suspended during the missile strike? Some have suggested that Iran mistook the commercial jet for a U.S. response during the missile strike, which they took out with two Russian made surface to air missiles. Wait, is Russia selling arms to Iran? I thought they liked Trump and put him in office, why would they sell arms to our enemy? Never mind, back to Iran.

The protests in Iran started almost immediately. First there were the state sponsored protests, where one’s attendance is mandatory and the usual “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” chants could be heard. These protests were engineered to foment anger at the Trump administration for killing Qasem Soleimani. The Washington Post lamented the passing of a “revered military leader” but even more idiotic was MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who compared the General’s “untimely demise” to the passing of both Princess Diana and Elvis Presley? I had trouble writing that, it’s so stupid. Plus, why Elvis? The US Congress, led by Ms. Pelosi, would not be over- shadowed in the arena of stupidity and quickly passed meaningless legislation designed to do nothing but condemn Donald Trump for doing something that every President since Jimmy Carter should have done. Second Amendment RightsThey could have just said, “thank you”.  Then the REAL protests started and the Iranian people let everyone know exactly how they feel about this regime; Khamenei; and Soleimani. Change is coming and the world is watching, and even a brutal dictator like Khamenei cannot kill and idea. The Iranian people have figured out that their problems have not been caused by the United States nor by Israel but by the failed leadership of their own country. The miserable economic reality in Iran is a byproduct of the sanctions which are aimed at changing the behavior, on the world stage, of this regime. The Iranian people do not blame the sanctions but blame the regime.

A stark change in how one U.S. President dealt with a terrorist regime versus how the next U.S. President dealt with the same regime, only made the changes come to light much more quickly. One guy gave them plenty of money, with which, although unproven, they probably bought the missiles that they fired at our military bases and the second guy took out their military mastermind and has threatened to bankrupt them until they act human. Trump 2020The Iranian people understand, if not the U.S. Congressional Democrats, the Washington Post and Chris Matthews, that it’s the second U.S. President who knows much better how to deal with a dictator who cannot count the number of people whom he has had killed. Change is coming, the world is watching and the Iranian people are demanding better for themselves and from their government.  Less than two weeks ago, Iran seemed to be the voice of the Middle East and vowed to have the U.S. presence in the region removed. Today, they are an international pariah whose world is about to be shaken to its core. Change is coming and we support the Iranian people who yearn to be free.


Joe Dumbass

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