Dumb Ass Of The Week 03/02/20

Mar 05 , 2020

Dumb Ass Of The Week 03/02/20

DAW: 03/04/2020


Political Correctness Strikes Again


Chris Matthews announced his resignation from MSNBC on air, Monday evening, 03/02/2020, in the first segment of the show and he did not return. He opined that the younger generation was capable of taking control of the reins and have proven their ability through their words and deeds. politically incorrectHe also apologized for having ever complimented any woman, on her appearance, with whom he has worked. Now, depending on which source of news one trusts, there is so much more to this story than meets the eye. First, this week’s Dumbass honor goes to MSNBC for not properly firing someone with whom it has had a long-term relationship, when, for whatever reasons, they wanted to move in a new direction.

Chris Matthews was with MSNBC for 20 or so years and has been a fixture in their election coverage throughout that entire time. He brought passion to his show and for the most part seemed to be on board with their overall messaging. Of late, however, he called out Bernie Sanders victories as being analogous to the Nazi takeover of France and questioned Liz Warren’s grilling of Mike Bloomberg for something he may or may not have said to a female employee. Note to Chris Matthews, you can only liken Trump and his supporters to Nazis, but never a Democrat or an actual Socialist. And, never, never, never question Liz Warren’s support for a woman who claimed anything against a man...EVER! Aside from these last two gaffs, Chris Matthews had come under fire for other comments that he had made to women going as far back as 20 years.

At Dumbass Apparel we do not fault MSNBC for wanting to go in a new direction and ridding themselves of the most recognizable news person on the station. Nor do we think it is wrong for them to keep people like Al Sharpton, Joy Reid and Lawrence O’Donnell who bring such objectivity and fact-based evidence to their coverage. Its just a hat We just believe that there is a proper way to let go of a person without trying to destroy his reputation and the work that he has done at your station for two decades. And, no, we are not particularly Chris Matthews fans.

A private company has every right to fire one of its employees, full stop. If an employee says something so egregious to another employee that firing him or her is a reasonable solution than do so at the time, but to make it the underlying issue 2, 3 or 20 years after the fact seems a tad bit ridiculous. Especially given the fact that in the last two weeks, this same employee, had come under intense scrutiny for what he said about Sanders’ supporters and about Liz Warren just recently. The on-air talent, at any station, are bound to make gaffs and to say controversial things from time to time. First, that is a part of the job and, secondly, that tends to be good for business because the controversy usually brings eyeballs to the show. However, in the past few years, no amount of time between when and where something was said seems to matter when the wrong people get offended. By the wrong people we are talking about the type who could support either Bernie Sanders or Liz Warren for President...those people. The crazy folk who adhere to far-left wing principles politically, who also happen to be a part of the MSNBC viewing base. Again, MSNBC had every right to have Chris Matthews removed from their team. It is their business and they are responsible for doing what they believe is in the best interest of their business. As far as being a business goes, doing what they believe is in their best interest is their only concern. As far

as being a source of news and information goes, if we were them, we would concentrate also on more objectivity and fairness but that is a different Dumbass of the Week post altogether.

So, fire away but do so honestly. Tell the individual in question that, “We have decided to move in a different direction, we no longer see you as a part of the team and here is your compensation for services rendered and to avoid any further litigation down the road. Now, let’s discuss your exit strategy”. I don’t know that Mr. Matthews was given that talk. If so, and he rejected it and decided to resign on-air, so ungraciously, then he was acting out of anger and not accepting a business decision that had already been made. Business decisions can be tough but they are a two-way street. If you have already been fired and have accepted the “resignation package”, you are usually willing to go out with a smile on your face no matter how unfair you believe the circumstances to be. Since that did not happen, we can only believe that there is so much more to this story than anyone is saying. MSNBC, who have a litany of folks who work for them, who have done and said many stupid things, are not being altogether honest. Shame on them, this could have been handled with so much more class than it has been. Then again, it’s MSNBC so how can we expect them to act with any class?



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