Dumb Ass of the week 01/27/2020

Jan 28 , 2020

Dumb Ass of the week 01/27/2020

DAW: 01/27/20


The Resistance vs. America


I get it, you don’t like Donald Trump. You don’t like his tweets and you think that he is unqualified to be the President. Impeach ThisErgo, nothing that he does can ever be considered good, will ever be promoted as a positive move for the country and when some official or news organization actively take steps to thwart the President’s efforts, that person or group will have your support no matter how destructive, illegal and dangerous their actions might be. Welcome to the Resistance and congratulations, you are unequivocally our Dumbass of the Week and if we gave the award, probably our Dumbass for the past 3 years.

I’ve heard the kerfuffle and have read much of the back and forth regarding the trial in the Senate. According to some at CNN and MSNBC, Adam Schiff (a former Dumbass of the Week recipient) was brilliant in his opening remarks and flawlessly pieced together so much of Trump’s corrupt activities. Yes, I heard some of those comments of high praise and agree that Schiff gave an exhaustingly detailed account of the President’s alleged behavior and did so with great conviction. I also fell asleep while listening to him drone on and on. The man spoke for 2 ½ hours, non-stop, with zero inflection in his voice and put me to sleep. Honestly, I was sitting in my car when the trial started and had a few minutes to spare. I put my head back and before I knew it, I was out. When I awoke, he was still going. I then started to think about the octogenarians in the Senate, sitting in those big, comfortable leather chairs and just how cozy their sleep must have been. But this is the problem, the lead House Manager prosecuting the impeachment is a pedantic bore who seems to lie with the ease with which he breathes. I also saw 23 hours of repetitious allegations completely destroyed in 2 hours by the President’s defense team. Hating the President is not something for which he can be impeached. Got it? Get it! Good.

I can only imagine what the rest of the defense will look like. On Saturday morning, the Defense team did a pretty good job of dismissing the charges against Trump. Their brilliance was that they used the House Managers’ evidence to do so, but gave it clarity and context; unlike team Schiff, who took parts of statements and testimony and presented them as conclusive thoughts. The Defense Team would read the next sentence or paragraph to show what was actually said and meant by the President or witness. Keep in mind, that this was the first defense of the President that anyone has ever seen. It took only 2 hours to destroy 23 hours of innuendo, falsehoods and misdirection. Not only is hating the President not something for which he can be impeached, lying about him is not something that any of us should be willing to tolerate. Yet, tolerate it is something that those who call themselves the Resistance not only do but is behavior they seem to promote and endorse.

The Resistance champion themselves as America’s saviors. They have stolen the name from those brave souls who worked against the Nazis in WWII. The Resistance, in WWII, helped Jews escape Germany and shed light on Nazi behavior and their punishment was, if caught, death:  And yes, some were caught. The group calling themselves the Resistance today, are a bunch of pathetic snowflakes who in no way, shape or form resemble the bravery and conscience of their namesakes. Today’s Resistance just seem to have an unmitigated hatred for President Trump and have no basis in morality, dignity, honesty or anything that we, the rest of the American population, seem to hold dear. I think that Today’s Resistance hate America, Americans and certainly anyone who does not agree with them unequivocally; across the board and on every issue. Ironically, I do not believe that the strongest supporters of Today’s Resistance would disagree with the sentiment in the title: The Resistance vs. America. They seem to not like the country, its people or the values for which it has always stood. They demand change for the sake of change and are truly insulted with the slogans Make America Great Again or Keep America Great. They seem to only relish the idea of Free Speech when it is their speech in question but not speech with which they disagree. If they could do away with the voting rights of those Americans, again with whom they disagree, it seems they would. In short, it’s them versus us. It’s the Resistance versus America.

This past week, pallets of food, water, clothing, cots, etc., were found untouched in a warehouse in Puerto Rico that were meant for the victims of Hurricane Gloria in 2017. Do you remember Hurricane Gloria and the destruction that it caused in Puerto Rico? It was the third major hurricane in about 2 months that the Trump administration had dealt with. The first two were in the States and team Trump got good grades for their efficiency and preparedness, but the third one, in Puerto Rico, proved to be a logistical nightmare. Puerto Rico is, after all, an island and the infrastructure was old, outdated and easily destroyed by Mother Nature’s force. And the media blamed Trump for everything! That Puerto Rico was an island; that the infrastructure was old and outdated; that getting supplies to an island in the middle of a hurricane is difficult and even for the hurricane itself. Everything was Trump’s fault and proof of his inability to deal with emergencies, not to mention his inherent racism when dealing with the Puerto Rican people. Who can forget the sassy mayor who missed all of the FEMA briefings but had a new t-shirt every day, saying something nasty about Trump? Two years later, an entire warehouse full of supplies that were never delivered because someone wanted Trump to look bad, was found. Two years later, someone else’s incompetence is the culprit. Two years later, the capricious act of a proud member of the Resistance was brought to light. Two years later and the rest of us, as Americans, need to understand that Donald Trump is on our side and it’s the Resistance whom we have to fear. Two years later and the rest of us need to understand that it is up to us to save our country. We need to be galvanized around the concept that those amongst us, who hate the country, will not be our salvation in terms of saving the country. Two years later and it’s time to wake up. Vote out the haters.



Joe Dumbass

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