Dumb Ass Of The Week 02/17/2020

Feb 18 , 2020

Dumb Ass Of The Week 02/17/2020

DAW: 02/17/2020

A Really Tough Choice, You Make the Call

I have learned one thing about Donald Trump running for the presidency, then becoming the President and now watching Michael Bloomberg try to do the same thing and that is simply that Billionaires do things differently from other people. It’s true, and it’s probably the reason why they are billionaires. The average person sees a pile of horse manure and avoids it, but the billionaire sees ‘tomato fertilizer’, puts it in a pretty bag and sells it to the same people who avoided it in the first place. Michael Bloomberg has not yet competed in a primary and is driving his opponents crazy. On the other hand, it does not seem as though they have far to go in order to reach crazy, so driving them crazy might not be that difficult a task. But, the man has out spent them all and has the others believing that he is the front runner. The best quote on the topic goes to Brit Hume who said, “The difference between Mike Bloomberg and the rest of the Democrats is that Bloomberg is trying to buy the election with his money and the rest of the Democrats are trying to buy it with yours”.Trump 2020 Perfectly put. However, Mini Mike did intone that he would consider Hillary Clinton for his Vice Presidential candidate. It is the opinion of the Dumbass Apparel Board of Directors that if one is able to spend $417 million on a race that he has not yet fully entered, that is his business. However, it is also the opinion of the Board that considering Hillary Clinton as your running mate; you’re Vice Presidential candidate; the person, should you be victorious, who would be one heartbeat away from the Presidency, should NEVER be Hillary Clinton. In fact, doing so makes you a rather formidable candidate for our Dumbass of the Week honor. Good job, Mike.

Then, of course, we had the group who had led the contest for the entire week prior to the Bloomberg intonation and they are the 1100 or so former DOJ Officials and the Federal Judges’ Association who have had so much to say regarding Bill Barr’s reversing the sentencing on the Roger Stone case. Not to mention the 4 prosecutors who resigned after Barr’s interference. But remember this was just Washington DC speak for resigning which does not actually mean to resign but just leave the case…but to still keep your job, pension and benefits. A pretend protestation and a pretend stand on principle.  All of this because Roger Stone was sentenced to nine years in prison for apparently misleading Congress with regards to the Hillary Clinton emails and witness tampering. Roger Stone, who apparently threatened a witness who did not know he was being threatened. Roger Stone who warranted an FBI pre-dawn raid on his home where he was unarmed and in bed with his deaf wife. Roger Stone got what essentially amounted to a death sentence for what would normally get someone else, who was not connected to Donald Trump, a year or two. Bill Barr reversed a DOJ recommendation for an exceedingly long term for a new recommendation which is much more in line with the actual transgression and now is being asked to resign for taking such action and doing something which is certainly within his authority as the Attorney General.

We try to make these decisions simple but they sometime require deep thought and much consideration. The question is not necessarily who the bigger Dumbass is or may be, but what would possess someone to behave in such a manner. The two outlined circumstances, from the outside looking in, do not seem to be connected. But when you consider that they are both motivated by the anti-Trump agenda then you can see their connectivity. Rexlax its just a hatMichael Bloomberg running for the presidency and being willing to spend $417 million before Super Tuesday and not really in the race yet is motivated solely by his desire to see President Trump replaced. When you see the actions of the 1100 former DOJ idiots and the Federal Judges’ Association and the 4 protesting, but not really protesting Prosecutors, who just want to publicly disgrace Attorney General Barr, because he supports President Trump and has had the audacity to step in and correct overly harsh action directed at another Trump supporter. Even though he has acted in accordance with his job and position and the recommended sentence was out of line. You can easily see that this is not about right and wrong but only about hating Trump.

To Michael Bloomberg we say: You, Sir, are the epitome of the disconnected billionaire who believes that he can buy an election. Worse, you believe that Hillary Clinton would be a valuable addition to the ticket. We disagree with both suppositions. We understand that to be elected President, the primary is an important part of the race. A time for your campaign to define itself and find its true reason for existing and for the candidate to make the case of why he or she should be the President. Hillary Clinton is, by definition, the least capable person of being able to make such a case. She has no defining principles and has proven that the only thing she understands about being on a Presidential ticket is how to lose. However, if we are wrong, on both accounts and you do get elected President with Hillary as your Vice President, we fear that it won’t be long after that, that you unfortunately commit suicide. It just seems that she knows a lot of people who do that, and we only mean for this to serve as a warning.

To the 1100 former DOJ Officials, Federal Judges’ Association and 4 Roger Stone Case Prosecutors we say: stop the bullshit, America is tired. Your attempt to remove Trump failed and now you are going after Barr. However, Barr has announced that he will sit in front of the Judiciary Committee and answer any questions that they have regarding his actions. The Dumbass Board of Directors’ bet is that AG Barr is fully competent and able to defend well anything that he has done as Attorney General. We certainly believe that he is smarter than Fat Jerrold Nadler and his merry bunch of impeachment hounds. So, bring it on, ask your questions and then shut up.

To our readers and fans we say: you make the call and decide who might be the bigger Dumbass of the Week. For us at Dumbass Apparel, it was too close to call.


Joe Dumbass

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