Dumb Ass Of The Week 06/15/2020

Jun 18 , 2020

Dumb Ass Of The Week 06/15/2020

DAW:    06/15/2020


We’re Back

In case you have been wondering where the Dumbass of the Week articles have been, we decided to not run them during the Wuhan Virus lockdown. We, for a variety of reasons, felt that it was not a proper to make political points during a time when our nation was facing a global pandemic. Our production is done in The People’s Republic of New York, under the strict authority of our Dear Leader Andrew Cuomo (Fredo’s brother) and, as a state, we are still not fully opened for business. But, forget about it, we are back and ready for business.

The first point, of not believing that it was good time to make jokes about elected officials or of national policies was true. Our Board of Directors discussed the issue and made the decision that decorum prevented us from writing such an article which was dedicated to the express purpose of mocking stupidity within society and which was most often pointed at politicians. Dam ProudWow, sometimes adhering to good, old fashion values just makes you look like you having nothing to say. During these past 12 weeks the political vitriol has been the worst that we have ever seen, possibly since the Civil War. Where do we stand and what have we missed?

For starters, there is a long history of naming viruses and diseases for the places in which they were discovered or from where they originated. Ergo, if someone has a problem with calling the Wuhan Virus the Wuhan Virus, then that person is an idiot who should be ignored.

Secondly, China sucks!! Which is all the more reason to call the Wuhan Virus the Wuhan Virus because it pisses off China. Pissing off an ignorant Progressive is just a bonus. China knew about the Wuhan Virus for quite some time before they said a word. Politically IncorrectThe people who called Donald Trump a racist (Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer) for stopping air travel to and from China, in January, are the same people who complained that he did not act quick enough. Had any of them been in charge, the initial estimates of 1-2 million people dying from the virus would be accurate. Not to mention how he rallied private industry and public healthcare to get together to manufacture whatever was needed: beds; ventilators; face masks and everything else. It was actually incredible management under the worst conditions.

Third, the World Health Organization, WHO, sucks as much as China. These people lied to protect China and to provide cover so that China would not be treated like a pariah internationally, for lying about how deadly the virus was and for allowing Chinese nationals to travel throughout the World while putting its own country on lock down to contain the spread in China. CHI-na…needs to be treated as an international pariah because of what they unleashed. Long term, we, the USA, need to firm up our own supply chain and manufacturing base so that we are less reliant on a brutal Communist dictatorship. When you put it like that, it seems so simple.

Fourth, the numbers with regards to how many have died because of the virus do not mean much: so long as China lies; Iran won’t say; Europe has a different standard than the USA; the different states have different testing procedures; and if apparently you get killed in a car accident but have the virus, you may or may not get counted in the overall death numbers of the virus? Unfortunately, we probably won’t have an honest conversation about this particular worldwide pandemic ever, but certainly not before the November elections.

Fifth, the George Floyd death was horrible and the police officer should be found guilty of 2nd degree murder. A charge of 3rd degree murder took about 4 days to be determined, the officer involved was immediately fired and was arrested soon after.  The other 3 officers at the scene have also been fired, arrested and brought up on charges. And, so far as we can tell, no one in the World has disagreed with how to deal with the policemen in question. Yet, there have been violent protests throughout the World demanding that justice be done…when justice was in the process of being served. The worldwide reaction to Mr. Floyd’s murder makes us believe that much of what we are seeing has nothing to do with Mr. Floyd’s murder at all. Of course, there are many who are marching to voice their frustration at a system which seems to have been particularly unfair to African Americans throughout our country’s history. Then again, there also seem to be many who are just assholes who do not need much of an excuse to loot and riot. Then again, there is a completely different group of assholes who seem to believe that getting rid of the police altogether, would solve our problems. In this particular case, the evidence seems to be pointing in the direction that the Police Officer (Derek Chauvin) and George Floyd knew one another before all of this and had a well-known beef. This is a double edged sword: on the one hand, the charge of 2nd degree murder is much easier to prove and the prison sentence will be much longer; on the other hand, the murder may not have been racially motivated at all but personal in nature…which would mean that all of the protestors, looters and rioters jumped to the wrong conclusion before all of the facts were known.

Sixth, the Republic of CHAZ, which has already renamed itself CHOP, good luck with that. I don’t know what is in the drinking water in Seattle but allowing any group to claim a 6 block area and call itself an autonomous zone is just crazy. The anarchists involved in creating this ‘autonomous zone’ have put out requests asking for supplies, proving that they have no idea of the meaning of the word autonomous. And, for some reason, our media won’t cover the story. Never mind the 911 calls which are going unanswered, it’s just not a good look for our elected officials to give up control. To those who like to pretend that President Trump is a liar, he said to the Seattle Mayor and the Washington State Governor, “If you don’t handle the problem, I will”. Do you believe him, because I do? The debate is when and how to handle such a group. President Trump will not act until the Democrats start to blame him for this insurrection, which they will ultimately do because that is what they always do. When that happens, he will have the green light to amend the situation. Until then, a Mayor and Governor who are sympathetic to the cause, also have many options. Treat these folks the same way that business owners in New Jersey, who defied lockdown orders, were treated. Simply turn of their water and electricity supplies. Nonetheless, the Mayor and Governor, as sympathetic as they may be to the cause, need to do something in order to reclaim their City.

 Seventh, General Michael Flynn and that Crazy Judge Sullivan who won’t allow the DOJ to drop its case against General Flynn. This is “The Swamp” acting out, plain and simple. Political hacks who are using our government structures to serve their own purpose. Flynn’s two crimes were: pissing off Obama and then going work for Trump. The Judge will eventually be forced to drop the case, because he’ll need to answer the question of who will prosecute the case. The best analogy would be that of an Umpire declining a Manager’s desire to make a pitching change, switch batters or to even forfeit a game. Crazy Judge Sullivan has inserted himself into this case, in such a way that was never intended for a member of the Judiciary under of system of jurisprudence. The Judge, just like an umpire, is supposed to call balls and strikes and to do so impartially. The Prosecution decides which cases to prosecute, not the Judge.

Eighth, as far as Comey; Rice; Clapper; Obama; Biden; Yates; Strozk; Page; Brennan; McCabe and whomever else was involved in setting up the narrative of the Russian Collusion Hoax, if some of these people do not go to prison then I will never have faith in our government, again. If 50 or so people are subpoenaed to testify before the Senate and 45 or plead the 5th, we will have our answer. But, some of these people need to go to prison and for a very long time. The lying, scheming, plotting and some might say, treasonous behavior, needs to be discouraged on a grand scale going forward. My suspicions are that this was a somewhat well planned ‘silent coup’ of a sitting President and that not as many laws were broken as one would think. But, some very public and very, very expensive to defend lawsuits could also have the desired effect of thwarting this type of behavior in the future. Bankrupt the bastards if you can’t imprison them. After all, that’s what they did to Michael Flynn.

Ninth, Atlanta police shooting of Rayshard Brooks. This one is not so cut and dry, and the amount of force used was deemed justifiable. It is a shame that a father of 4 was killed by the Police but Mr. Brooks stole one of the officer’s Taser and decided to flee. In the heat of the moment, the officer had to decide how to proceed. One of the options was to allow the person, whom you were trying to arrest, to use the Taser on you or someone else, and then do whatever he’d like. Not a good option. To make matters worse, the Mayor of Atlanta decided, without investigation, to fire the officer involved in the shooting and to place the other officer at the scene on administrative leave. I think the Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, was in a tough spot and was simply trying to avoid more civil unrest in her City. However, it’s really not a good way to show the Police Force that you have their backs and will stand with them in tough times. Mayor Bottoms, apparently, is on Joe Biden’s short list of VP candidates. It’s a good thing that the MSM works for the DNC or this weak decision could come back to haunt her. Going forward, I would not be surprised if her police force loses faith in her completely. I will hasten to add that nationwide, in many large cities, the respective mayors are making some anti police statements that could have some serious blow back. A nationwide “Blue Flu” or 20,000 cops, in one city, calling in sick 3, 4, or 5 days in a row, would not surprise me. The movement to defund the police is as stupid as it sounds and even more dangerous than one could imagine. 

Tenth, Joe Biden, the apparent DNC candidate for President, according to polls is leading Donald Trump by a 14pt margin. If he ever gets out of his basement and joins society, then we will make fun of him. It’s fair to say that I think the polling is less than accurate and I am not 100% certain that Mr. Biden will be the candidate come November. Biden, in short, is stupid, weak and looks to have the early signs of dementia. He is not 14pts ahead of anybody, much less the incumbent President who is dealing with a mountain of crap the likes of which few Presidents have ever had to face. Polling is a science and can be used as a weapon when necessary. Two of the factors which allow for an acceptable margin of error are: the audience which was polled and the exact questions which were asked. However, at this particular time in our society, I have such little faith in most of the polling which is done. Especially, polling which is done by our main stream media. Confederate dollars have more value than a CNN poll that puts Joe Biden 14 pts ahead of Donald Trump six months before the election.

Eleventh, the pandering politicians are enough to make anyone with any sense of decency and morality sick. Personally, I was moved when I saw the top brass in the Democratic Party, all of whom were wearing Kente scarves, kneeling as dedication to George Floyd. Or, was it a dedication to the African American voter as a remembrance to vote Democrat come November? Ironically, the publicity stunt backfired because the group being pandered to were, mostly, very offended.

Twelfth, one point for each week we missed. The people of this country are not as nearly divided as the media wants us and needs us to believe. As a country, as a united people, we have been through a hellish 3 months and need to stay strong in order to survive. Our economy was shut down, and we are facing an uphill battle to reclaim the path of prosperity on which we seemed to have been travelling not so long ago. On top of that, the last 2 ½ weeks have been consumed by social injustice spurred on by the killing of an innocent man by a corrupt cop. I appeal to all Americans to remain calm despite the provocations of anger, fear and worry. Calmness leads to clearer thinking and to better results, always. Calmness and serenity will help to navigate what is shaping up to be as ugly a Presidential election as ever. Calmness will help to recognize that it’s only the Chaos that ever gets reported and it’s only the Chaos that will keep us from realizing that we are all united. Stay calm, start to enjoy the summer and together we will prosper.



Joe Dumbass    

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