Dumb Ass Of The Week 07/08/2020

Jul 14 , 2020

Dumb Ass Of The Week 07/08/2020

DAW: 07/08/20


Bill DeBlasio, the Activist Mayor


I have written this installment three times because we had so many choices from whom to choose a Dumbass of the Week, and we finally came to the conclusion that Mayor Bill deBlasio of New York City took the prize and won the honor. A little background on the Big Bird looking doofus who runs the once greatest city in the world, and by that, I sincerely mean no disrespect to Big Bird who has only ever tried to be a positive role model to children. Deblasio is an idiot who has been an honorable mention for this award several times and once had to share it with Governor Andrew Cuomo also of New York.  But this week he beat out such stalwarts as CNN’s Don Lemon, another idiot who has had his fair share of mentions in this article who actually tried to delineate between the slogan Black Lives Matter and All Black Lives Matter with Terry Crews, an African American actor who was concerned about the damage being done in the name of progress; A second CNN elite (it must be something in the water over there), Leyla Santiago, who referred to Mount Rushmore as a monument with two slave owners on land wrestled away from Native Americans, in order to show that Donald Trump was being divisive by giving a July 4th speech in front of one of the most iconic places on Earth; Protestors, demanding racial equality and justice, who toppled statues of Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Frederick Douglass (no explanation required, I hope); A Hollywood A-Lister, Kristen Bell, who announced that she will no longer do the voice for a bi-racial cartoon character because she, Ms. Bell, is not bi-racial herself. Okay, but it is called acting and a cartoon is not a real person. Plus, by that standard, no movies could ever be made? Was Marlon Brando a Godfather, Tom Hanks an Astronaut or Russell Crowe a Gladiator? At any rate, it was a tough choice with several great options but Comrade Mayor Bill De blasio showed the world that his stupidity knows no bounds.

To be fair, I have had many issues with daBlasio since he’s been Mayor. Mostly, though, it’s that he epitomizes what happens when a city elects an activist as its Mayor and not someone wants to lead for the good of all of the people. He is someone who just wants to make change and in this particular case, Progressive change, without regard for the safety and well-being of the very people who elected him. In recent weeks, NYC has seen a huge uptick in violent crimes, shootings and murders but, in the beginning of the week, Ole Dumbass DaBlasio managed to push through a BILLION dollars (Billion with a B) in budget cuts to the NYPD. In the middle of the week NYPD retirement applications went up by 411% as a response to this Mayor’s policies, and yes, 411% is correct. By the end of the week, Mr. Shithead (Diblasio) was helping to paint the slogan Black Lives Matter on 5th Avenue, in front of Trump Tower, along-side his equally stupid wife, Chirlane McCray, and the very Reverend Al Sharpton. Not to mention the appearance on CNN (no irony there) with Wolf Blitzer where Mr. Dublusio gave a Corona Virus update about cancelling all large gatherings, for the foreseeable future, in NYC: street fairs; outdoor concerts; and parades all for the safety of the people but NOT for BLM protests because of historic moment in which we exist. Most telling was the complete lack of push back from Mr. Blitzer with regards to the complete double standard for large gatherings. But, it’s CNN, so that might be the answer?

Bill Deblesio has been honest about who and what he was before he was ever elected. Elections have consequences, and we deserve the people we elect. The trick in life is to learn from your mistakes because mistakes will happen. Nonetheless, we need to take note when someone as ill equipped as Bill Diblisio attains the seat of power. He is an activist who is driven by a far left ideology who simply does not care if he destroys NYC in order to drive it as far to the Left as possible. The City is falling apart, and he’s trying to insult the President. Not to mention, destroying the atmosphere of 5th Avenue by aligning himself, so publicly, with a far left movement. To Mr. duBlusio, this all makes perfect sense and the priority of promoting socialism outweighs his responsibilities as Mayor of the City. This past week we had over 60 shootings, a number that NYC has not seen since the mid 90’s. NYC’s previous two mayors were: Rudy Giuliani for 8 years and Michael Bloomberg for 12 years, and whether or not you liked their policies in terms of running the City, everyone agreed that both men put the safety of ALL New Yorkers first.

Bill DuBlesio is not just an idiot, he is a dangerous ideologue who puts his politics before the people. In case you were wondering what a Joe Biden presidency will look like, an idiot trying to shepherd in hard left policies, surrounded by hard left individuals who do not care how much damage is caused by their actions, then look no further than current mayoralty in NYC. In less than 8 years, Deblisio has brought the City back to the high crime days of the late 80’s. Bill Deblusio is so horrible that we could actually change the name of this award and rename it in his honor, but I do not wish to be that mean to other people and I would have to learn how to properly spell De Blasio. No thanks.




Joe Dumbass





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