Dumb Ass Of The Week 07/20/2020

Jul 21 , 2020

Dumb Ass Of The Week 07/20/2020

DAW: 07/20/20
#GOYAWAY Yourself


Every one of the Dumbass of the Week installments seem to start out the same way, and that is with me telling you how difficult the choice was to make because of all of the worthy candidates in that particular week. And, while that is true it also seems to be the same cast of characters vying for the award. Keep in mind that this happens to be an election year, so the chance of party loyalists (either party) being guilty of crazy antics exponentially increases as the date of the election nears. So, last week on the White House lawn the CEO of Goya, Bob Unanue, praised Donald Socialism SucksTrump’s leadership as President and called him a “builder” for how he is trying to reconstruct our economy after the devastating losses due to the Corona Virus. The CEO of a major US food company praised the President for his stewardship during an economic crisis and as soon as he spoke highly of Donald Trump, some of the nut cakes on the Left: Julian Castro; Alexandria Ocasio Cortez; Chrissy Teigen and Lin-Manuel Miranda amongst others, called for a boycott on Goya products.

We used to have this thing in the United States called Freedom of Speech and, believe it or not, a Liberal mantra in the 1960’s was: “I might disagree with every word you say, but I would defend to the death your right to say it”.  My how times have changed. Today, that sounds like a Conservative mantra but to be fair, it’s neither, it’s a truly American mantra based on our most fundamental right outlined in the Constitution known as the First Amendment.  The Founding Fathers, you know the guys whose statues are being torn down by the enlightened mobs, knew that freedom of speech was so important they put it FIRST on the list of rights secured to citizens of the nation they created. FIRST.

Enter the “Cancel Culture” whores listed above who immediately called for a boycott of Goya products because they did not like that the CEO simply praised the President for his leadership. Maybe Mr. Unanue doesn’t fully understand what it is like to run a large corporation with 4000 employees? Or maybe, Mr. Unanue is able to fully appreciate that his family is the embodiment of the American Dream because the company that his grandfather founded in 1936, today, employees 4000 people and is worth $1.5 Billion? Or maybe,Get Over It Mr. Unanue is simply a patriotic American who loves his country and is proud to support its President in a time of need? Nonetheless, the disgusting calls for a boycott were meant to intimidate the Goya CEO so that he would take back his kind words of support for President Trump. In short, Mr. Unanue would do no such thing and basically told those who called for a boycott of his company to “Eat Beans”- no pun intended. Good on Mr. Unanue for standing up to the bullies who have never built anything in their own lives, but simply want to destroy what others have built. Despite calls for a boycott, Goya has had a tremendous week in sales because a ‘Buy Goya’ campaign has popped up to thwart any ill effects of a boycott.

Please understand that at Dumbass Apparel we believe in and respect the power and call for a boycott. In a Capitalistic system, it’s one of the most effective tools imaginable. However, we also believe that a boycott needs to be grounded in a true sense of righting a serious wrong. Throughout history there are many examples where boycotts have been proven to be effective and were worthy of support. Such examples are: The Montgomery Bus Boycott to protest segregated seating; the boycott of De Beers to protest ‘Conflict Diamonds’; or the boycotts against the Fur Trade because of cruelty to animals. But a boycott of Goya food products because (and this is the real reason) an Hispanic American, Bob Unanue, spoke highly of Donald Trump, and the nut jobs on the Left need other Hispanic Americans to believe that President Trump hates Hispanic Americans, throws cold water on that theory and is so stupid it’s sad. But, this is where we are today. Like I said earlier, it’s an election year so buckle up the ride is about to get rough.

Luckily, the Far Left have proven that they are no more than a paper tiger whose only weapon is a loud voice that most people have learned to ignore. AOC, one of those who wanted to see Goya hurt, leads a herd of teenagers who have no idea how silly she sounds when she speaks. Most of these children will mature one day and look back in horror at the foolishness they once thought made sense. Julian Castro, the other politician of note to call on folks to stop using Goya products, is a moron who is easily dismissed when confronted by anyone with a brain. Chrissy Teigen, who cares? And Mr. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who recently had his own dust up with the crazies on the Left, because of his fabulously successful play about a Founding Father who never owned a slave himself, but married into a family which did. Dude, give back the Hamilton money if you want to impress me, if not, then don’t call for boycotts of other people’s products.

And, so I say to those Americans who yearn for peace and prosperity, that despite all of the craziness that we are seeing in the World Today, I believe that we are winning the war. The crazy acts of violence; the calls for boycotts over nothing; the complete idiocy of government officials are all acts of the losing side trying to ignite a fire because they fear our success. Read that again if it doesn’t quite make sense. The Left is losing and they know it, and that’s why they need to threaten, condemn and boycott. Keep in mind, they only have as much power as the rest of us will allow. If we continue to answer their threats with positive actions of our own, then they will #GOYAWAY themselves. Keep the faith.




Joe Dumbass

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