Dumb Ass Of The Week 07/28/2020

Jul 31 , 2020

Dumb Ass Of The Week 07/28/2020

DAW: 07/28/2020
It’s Peaceful Protest, So Chill Dawg


Ding, ding, ding and we have a winner! Paul Gallant of ESPN you won this week’s Dumbass of the Week award because of your desire to take on the Presidential tweets with a spurious tweet of your own…but yours backfired. Here’s the story: Back in June, President Trump tweeted about the rioting in Seattle and how horrible it was that there was pillaging and burning, and that people were destroying their own City. On the flip side, Mr. Gallant tweeted that, as far as he could see, there was no rioting and told the President, via tweet, to ‘Chill Dawg’. What’s that old expression about reaping what you sow, because this past weekend the rioting and pillaging, in Seattle, happened to be visited upon Paul Gallant’s very own apartment building? Apparently, the Starbucks on the ground floor was destroyed and the residents of the building were told to stay elsewhere until it could be confirmed that there were no explosives remaining behind. As for the ESPN host, he is now considering buying a gun for his own protection. I wish that I was making up this story because I will always know that I am not this creative.

At Dumbass Apparel, we, by no means, take any pleasure in learning of the destruction in Seattle but we do find Mr. Gallant’s particular situation extraordinarily hilarious. Throw in his sudden conversion to wanting a firearm for his own protection and you could write a comedy.  Did you ever hear the joke about what do you call a Conservative? A Liberal who has never been mugged. Hahahaha. Unfortunately, for the rest of the United States and not just Paul Gallant, there seems to be some confusion between how to properly define what a peaceful protest is and what a peaceful protest is not. Actually, to be fair, it’s not the rest of the United States, it’s just the Democrats in elected office and the Democrats in the media. Adam SchiffJerrold Nadler, for instance, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, called the riots in Seattle a myth. It would appear that Jerry and Paul need to talk because maybe Paul’s building wasn’t damaged after all? Maybe it’s a myth? Or, maybe, Jerrold Nadler is a disgusting, fat, lying pig of a man?  Nonetheless, we have decided to help clear up any confusion by creating a list of the top ten things that Peaceful Protestors do not do. Please remember that when you read the words, “mostly peaceful protests”, by definition, that also means, “some violence”.

The Top Ten Things That Peaceful Protestors Do Not Do:

  • Burn down buildings
  • Kill people
  • Riot
  • Loot
  • Take over Police Stations
  • Beat up civilians
  • Fight Cops
  • Tear down statues
  • Set explosions
  • Use lasers to blind Police Officers causing permanent damage.

As for the rest of the United States of America, we can all tell how much damage and destruction is being done in many cities throughout our country, despite what elected Democrats and the Democrats in the media would have us all believe.  As for the list that we created, it was taken from protests that our media described as being, “mostly peaceful”. We are being lied to about the level of violence being perpetrated against society, on a nightly basis. We are being lied to, I surmise, because some people believe that the rioting and violence will somehow help the Democrats in the upcoming Presidential election. Unlike Paul Gallant, I believe the President and do not want him to “Chill”. I want action and I want Federal forces to quell the unrest that is tearing us apart. As for the Democrats, I believe that they have become dangerous and are a threat to the country. I also believe that they would willingly trade our safety and well-being to help secure the next election.

The bottom line is this: If we want normalcy returned to us from our Government, then we have to demand it. We need to send a message so clear that even the most self-dealing; self-centered; corrupt; egotistical; lying; despicable political type would not miss the meaning. After all, ours was designed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. So, the ball is in our court and the only messaging our politicians seem to understand are election results. Let’s give them one they’ll never be able to forget and will not be able to so easily blame on foreign interference. Let’s give, this time around, the Democrats such a walloping defeat that they’ll have to pretend to care about the country before they believe they’ll ever get elected again. At the very least, let’s give them enough of a defeat so that they are too afraid to ever lie about what actually happens at a Peaceful Protest.




Joe Dumbass

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