Dumb Ass Of The Week 08/21/2020

Aug 31 , 2020

Dumb Ass Of The Week 08/21/2020

DAW: 08/21/20
The Delaware Dummy and the DNC


Congratulations are in order to Joseph R. Biden for winning the nomination for President by the Democratic Party. Good job Joe! You cleared the first big hurdle when you proved the World wrong and made it clear that you could actually read a teleprompter. Trust me, the sounds that you heard in the background were the collective sighs of relief from the party power players who were uncertain of your ability to make it through your speech (performance) without a major gaffe to take away from the effort. Our Dumbass of the Week award goes to you and to the entire DNC for putting on a spectacle in the form a National Convention that seemed to have no basis in reality. For one, my only true thought during one of the most unwatchable events in the history of television was, “Thank, God for Netflix”.

I understand completely that the way in which National Conventions were handled in years past is not possible in 2020 amidst the Corona Virus Pandemic. However, they still require a celebration of the Party’s values and a coming together of forces that wish to unite the country on a selected path toward our shared future. The DNC convention missed the marked in so many ways, but most of all it missed the mark by NOT being united behind its candidate. The general support for Biden was simply lacking on almost all fronts. Never mind the AOC nomination of Bernie Sanders, without mentioning that should Bernie fail to secure the Party’s nomination she would fully endorse Joe Biden. I am talking about the powerful line up of people: Michelle Obama; Bernie Sanders; Andrew Cuomo; Bill Clinton; Hillary Clinton; Liz Warren and even Barack Obama himself, who barely mentioned Joe Biden’s name at all but instead spoke almost incessantly about Donald Trump. Okay, I stand corrected, the one thing that they all seemed to be united about was their dislike of Trump…which is very different than being united in support of Joe Biden, which was all too obvious.

Whenever I handicap a political race, I look at certain factors that do not show up in the polls. I get a sense of the energy that has emanated from the convention; I determine which candidate is controlling the narrative during the campaign and I watch to see which candidate is having more fun in the race. I remember once in 2008 when Barrack Obama was walking off a plane, while holding a piece of paper in his hand and a reporter pointed to the piece of paper and asked him what he was doing. Barack Obama’s response was priceless because he showed the reporter the piece of paper and said, “This, I’m just filling out my brackets for the NCAA Tournament”.  I knew at that moment that Obama was going to be the next President.  I guess that there is no polite way to say this but rest assured, Joe Biden is NO Barack Obama. The energy and issues surrounding this race do not seem to resonate in Biden’s favor, despite the media and the DNC efforts to paint Trump as a horrible President; Person and World Leader. The vision put forth at the DNC convention did nothing but create confusion for everyone on both sides of the aisle. On the Democratic side of the aisle, the desire to appeal to the country as a moderate Party, Candidate and Ticket seemed to be in stark contrast to the stated positions that the Party, Candidate and Ticket have taken in the past decade. And, yes, during his 47 years in public life, Joe Biden can claim to have once been a Moderate. However, in Bernie Sanders’ own speech it was made clear that a Biden Presidency would be the most Progressive in our nation’s history. Add to that, bringing Kamala Harris onto the ticket as VP and you are in Far Left territory by any stretch of the imagination. So, the message being put forth and actual reality seemed to clash… to say the least. 

This week the RNC will have its own convention. My only advice is to compare and contrast the candidates themselves and the atmosphere that the convention creates around the respective campaigns. My guess is that a Trump production will be bigger, better and more vibrant in almost facet imaginable. Ignore media accounts of something that you witnessed for yourself. It seems that every 4 years, during a Presidential election, we are told the same thing, “This is the most important election of our lifetime”. And, while I believe that this IS the most important election that we have ever faced in my lifetime, I also believe that the candidate who controls the narrative and who is having more fun is the one who will win. I believe that is consistent from election to election and does not waiver. I also believe that the powers that be in the DNC recognize how formidable Trump is as a candidate and have already started to play games. I also believe that the only consistency in politicians is their ability to comprehend election results, and that Trump needs to win in an overwhelming landslide. Understand that there will be cheating, and I am certain that Joe Biden will do better with all of the dead people who are able to vote; all of the undocumented people who vote; and all of the people who are able to double and triple vote, not to mention how much better he’ll do in the mail-in ballots- which, of course, pose no threat whatsoever. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, it’s the American people who need to speak with one voice and need to help take back our government. The vote is in our hands. Stay strong.




Joe Dumbass



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