Dumb Ass Of The Week 08/3/2020

Aug 13 , 2020

Dumb Ass Of The Week 08/3/2020

DAW: 08/03/20
We’ve Been Waiting a Long Time to Hear from You, Now Stop Talking

Did any of you see the House Judiciary Committee last week, try to grill Bill Barr? It was one of the most inane, dysfunctional representations of our government in quite some time. Keep in mind, that includes a contested election; a special counsel investigation which had been predicated on lies and false information; an actual impeachment over a phone call whereIts just a Hat NO CRIMINALITY was alleged; a pandemic which forced the country to shut down for three months; and so many other stupid acts of idiocy that there are too many to list. But there was poor Bill Barr, the Attorney General, being asked some of the dumbest questions ever written and then not being allowed to answer any of them because of committee rules and procedures. Very simply, when a Committee member asks a question, he/she controls the time allotted for both the questions and the answers. So, if I ask you a question and then “reclaim my time”, that means you have to stop talking. On the Democratic side of the aisle they must have used that phrase no less than 100 times in their back and forth with Mr. Barr. And since the Democrats on the Committee would not allow for the ‘back’ of a supposed back and forth to exist, we have nominated them all for this Week’s Dumbass of the Week.

Sad, was the only appropriate word for such a display of arrogance. Sad that once again our elected officials chose to represent only themselves and their party instead of the American people. Sad that no matter what actions they take, basic political animosity is the only thing on their agenda. Although watching Bill Barr deal with such imbeciles can be funny as hell. His problem, in a nut shell, is that he’s about 1 million times smarter than they are and his facial expressions revealed his disdain for the games that they were playing. It’s one of the oldest and ugliest tricks in the book: when your opponent can eviscerate your questions with his answers, then don’t allow him to answer. Trump 2020It really does not get past the simple truth that Bill Barr is smart and the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are stupid. And by stupid, I mean really, really dumb. For starters, Bill Barr can validate, with legal satisfaction, any and every action that this administration and DOJ have taken during Barr’s tenure. So, the simple plan was to NOT let him answer any questions by cutting off the allotted time. In other words, let me ask you a question and then reclaim my time so that you can’t answer. Honestly, it was a stupid as it sounds. My only question is: Who do they think they are fooling?

As Martha MacCallum, of Fox News, put it to Eric Swalwell, one of the geniuses who questioned Mr. Barr, “Why did you guys need Bill Barr to attend at all? Wouldn’t it have been easier and achieved the same thing, if you had a cut out of Barr and just yelled at that”? She was serious and in fairness to Eric Swalwell, he was one of the only Democrats on the committee to allow Bill Barr to answer his questions…and, Bill Barr made Eric Swalwell look stupid and proved to everyone, but Swalwell, how little Swalwell knows about the law. Again, Bill Barr did not go out of his way to make anyone look stupid nor did he make anyone look stupid because he was being mean. They are stupid and Bill Barr is smart and in the course of conversation their stupidity was made evident by their own actions.  Still, the animosity that they bestowed upon the hearings was just par for the course. One of my favorite moments was towards the end of the affair when Bill Barr had requested a 5 minute break. Committee Chairman, Jerrold Nadler, that disgusting piece of dirt, had initially denied Barr’s request. Barr reminded Nadler that allowing such breaks (to go to the bathroom) was customary and that asking was supposed to be just a formality. Nadler still refused and Barr reminded him that the hearings were delayed an hour because Nadler was late that morning, Barr had not eaten lunch and needed 5 minutes. Then Barr looked at him and said, “You’re a real class act”.  Jim Jordan can be heard in the background saying, “He wants a break now, right now”. Barr was able to take his break but it was the exercise in stupidity which made the whole episode seem so pathetic.

We are in a precarious spot as a country at this particular moment in time. And as Barack Obama used to love to remind the Senate Republicans, “Elections have consequences”.  They do and he’s 100% on the money with that bit of advice. Elections have consequences and the Democratic Party has become dangerous and need to be reminded that they work for the American people.  Asking questions of the sitting Attorney General and then not allowing him to answer those very questions is a sign of arrogance directed at YOU and not the Attorney General. Bill Barr is their enemy because he understands the law and could have very capably answered their questions. But don’t be fooled, the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee did not want answers, they wanted to play games. Bill Barr understands the games that they were playing and why he was the object of their assault. But don’t be fooled, it’s YOU they are after. The ball is in your court, and they want to make it difficult for you to do so, but take away their power and vote them all out. Stay strong.




Joe Dumbass

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