Dumb Ass Of The Week 09/17/2020

Sep 21 , 2020

Dumb Ass Of The Week 09/17/2020

DAW: 09/17/20


Do you ever feel as though you are living in an episode of the Twilight Zone? I do. In the particular episode that I am thinking about, it took place in a world where everybody had stout, pig-like noses with the exception of the one beautiful woman whose facial features were perfectly proportioned. Not only had they convinced her that she was hideous, she was forced to undergo facial reconstruction surgery to make her look like everyone else. Ugly was beautiful and beautiful was ugly, and change was not a choice because freedom did not exist. I don’t know about you, but to me, this analogy makes perfect sense for the way the Democratic Party

Free Thinking HAts

wants the rest of us to view the World; the Country and most importantly the Trump Administration. Labor Day just passed, and we are entering the final stretch before the Election and, I believe, that things are about to get even more crazy than we could have ever imagined. The “Crisis of the Week” club is in full stride and nothing is off the table. Last week, The Atlantic, ran an article that quoted the President referring to US soldiers who died in WWI as “suckers’’ and “losers”. The sentiment was attributed to “unnamed sources” and was quickly refuted by 26 other people who were with the President at the time he supposedly muttered this description but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ran an ad using this false information as fact. This week, Bob Woodward, revealed audio tapes of President Trump saying that he downplayed the severity of the Corona Virus because he wanted to prevent chaos. Our honest, decent and truthful media (CNN/NY Times/WAPO, etal) reported, incessantly, that President Trump lied about the virus and was responsible for the number of deaths as a result. Yes, the number of deaths due to the Corona Virus was blamed on President Trump.

First of all, if I make no distinction between our Media and the Democratic Party, it is because there is no distinction between the two. They are one in the same. In fact, the description that I like best is when someone refers to our main stream media as the PR arm of the Democratic Party. When you view most of what you hear through that lens, so many things make so much more sense. Back to Bob Woodward, who apparently had breaking news that would derail the President’s re-election campaign and show the World the truth about Donald Trump. Well, for starters, there was nothing new in his revelations. Nothing. If you want to have fun with an experiment when discussing this topic with a rapid Progressive, simply ask them if they learned anything new after listening to the tapes. Undoubtedly, their answer will be, “No”.  Follow up with the rhetorical question, “Well, if you learned nothing new, then how can it be considered News”? The fun part comes in when you start to count the “ums” and “uhs” that you will hear as a result of such a straight forward question. Nonetheless, I have to give credit to Bob Woodward, who gets the most incredible interviews imaginable. President Trump sat with Woodward for 18 hours and the two men discussed a wide range of topics. Yet, only the discrepancies on what Trump knew about the Corona Virus and when he knew it, was discussed. Carl Bernstein, Woodward’s partner from the Nixon Watergate coverage, was also able to get himself on CNN (go figure) to compare this Presidential cover-up as even worse than Watergate. For the record, during the 3 ½ years that Donald Trump has been President, Carl Bernstein has made that same exact prognostication about 10 times on as many crises. According to Carl Bernstein, everything that Donald Trump has ever done as President is worse than Watergate. And, good Ole CNN loves to put the old cow in front of the camera to sputter like a fool. It’s actually sad to watch. I do, to be fair, fault the President for allowing Bob Woodward such access. He’s, by no means, a friend who wants to be able to praise the President for his actions. People like Woodward, Washington Press Corp Royalty, have to be considered enemies to this President and his staff. President Trump can be cordial and polite, but not trusting. Woodward, for his part, is only trying to sell a book. He may also be trying to stop Trump from getting re-elected, but his priority, on this score, is books sales. So, two months before the election he releases tapes that he has had since February. Good guy. Keep in mind, Woodward is an Associate Editor at the Washington Post, so it’s fair to assume that if he was truly worried about Trump’s “lying” to America about the information that he was given, the Washington Post would have covered that angle of the story a long time ago and in great detail.

But, this is the World in which we live. Up is Down; Left is Right; and Right is Wrong or so our media would have us believe in order to assure the outcome of the election that THEY would prefer.  In an interview with Anderson Cooper, again CNN, Bob Woodward’s conclusion was that Donald Trump was not up to the task of being President…or, words to that affect. I started to do some thinking and have been asking Progressives: Energy Independence? Peace between North and South Korea? A 30K point Stock Market? A 3300 point S&P? The lowest unemployment in 60 years? The lowest African American unemployment, ever? The lowest Hispanic American unemployment, ever? Peace between Kosovo and Serbia? PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST? China discussing Fair Trade? NAFTA re-imagined and turned into the USMCA? Prison Reform? An end to the war in Afghanistan after 19 years? WHAT WOULD A GOOD 1ST TERM LOOK LIKE?

The bottom line is simple: If this partial list of 1st term accomplishments, by the Trump Administration, does not impress you…it’s only because you are an idiot. Full stop. This partial list, in 3 ½  years, is more than the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, has done in 47 years. PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST has largely been ignored by our media, you know the PR arm of the DNC, because they do not want to acknowledge such a feat by Team Trump. Nancy Pelosi, called it a distraction from Covid??? Up is down; left is right and right is wrong. The people with the pig noses are beautiful and the beautiful woman needs surgery so that we can give her a pig nose.  And you need to vote for Joe Biden, so that we can get back to the business of looking out for the American people!  My head hurts, it’s that crazy. The simple best analogy that I can give is: The Democrats seem willing to give the car keys to the visibly drunk fool, who does not know where he is because they do not like the sober driver, who just drove us safely through a storm.  Thank you very much, but I am going home with the SOBER Guy.




Joe Dumbass,

The Free Thinker

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