Dumb Ass Of The Week 09/25/2020

Sep 29 , 2020

Dumb Ass Of The Week 09/25/2020

TFT: 09/25/20


It’s A 2020 Thing


I have been seeing a lot memes lately about the curse of 2020, some of which ask for your favorite description/definition of the year. My personal favorite was when somebody said, “Go 2020 yourself”, no explanation needed. And just when you thought that things could not get any crazier this year, the icon, myth and legend of the Supreme Court,


Ruth Bader Ginsberg, passed away this week. Very sad news for her family, the High Court and for the Country. In retrospect, we should have all seen this one coming, because, after all, that is the type of year that it’s been. If the Presidential election has not been contentious enough, let’s mix things up and throw in a Supreme Court nomination, to replace a true idol of the Left, at the same time. Republicans have a slight margin in the Senate and Donald Trump should be able to get his choice, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, over the finish line. The question remains, however, what will she look like when she crosses the finish line?

The dirty tricks have already started. In fact, they started almost immediately upon the announcement of RBG’s passing. Despite all of the conflicting reports about confirming a Supreme Court Justice, two things remain true: (1) it is the President who gets to make the nomination and (2) it is the Senate who gets to confirm the nomination. Reports that RBG’s final words were, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new President is installed”, really have no place in the conversation. Also, I kind of agree with Donald Trump on that one, and do not necessarily agree that those were her final words.  As he said, “they sound more like something

Keep America Great

Adam Schiff wrote, they are just way too perfect”. Plus, it is easy to imagine that her final thoughts were with her family and her late husband and that she was ready to move on to the next World. Now, only the worst type of people in the world would go so low as to invoke a dying woman’s last words as the path she’d like the Country to follow. A path, which happens to 100% coincide with what they would like to also have happen. Coincidence? I think not. After all, we are explicitly talking about some of the worst type of people in the World. Just for the record: Chuck Schumer; Adam Schiff; Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a few others do qualify as some the worst type of people in the World.

I have been reading story after story about the hypocrisy of the Republicans for trying to replace a Supreme Court Justice, in an election year. First of all, these are Washington DC politicians that we are talking about. So, if any level of hypocrisy surprises you, then you are a fool. I could go on and explain your foolishness but there is no need. Grow up. Secondly, and just as importantly, if the shoe were on the other foot and we had a Dem President and the Dems had the majority in the Senate, then they would be doing the EXACT SAME THING, without exception! And, if you don’t believe that, again you are a fool but, more specifically, a lying fool. In fact, if we go down memory lane, all the way back to 2016, we can recall His Holiness, Barack Obama, trying to replace a Supreme Court Justice in an election year. The only difference is that Obama was blocked because, in 2016, the Dems were in the minority. Apparently it is still verboten to compare anything that Trump does to something Obama did, even if it is the exact same thing. His loyal subjects have still not accepted the results of the last election and it looks as though they are trying to steal this election or, at the very least, make it as ugly as hell. But, I digress, back to Supreme Court nominations. Barack Obama used to love to scold Republicans, whenever they complained about something he did or announced something that he planned to do, with the poignant refrain, “Elections have consequences”. Truer words have never been spoken and, I suspect, are a big part of the reason that so many on the Left side of the aisle have STILL been unable to understand that Donald Trump was duly elected President and is to perform ALL of the duties required. Amongst the many duties is nominating Justices when a vacancy presents itself. So, YES, Donald Trump will make a nomination and Mitch McConnell, will get the pre-requisite number of votes in order to approve the nomination. Keep in mind, that pre-requisite number is only 51, when it used to be 60 because Harry Reid, a democrat from Nevada, exercised the “nuclear option” in order to help Obama expedite his judicial nominees. Talk about something coming back to bite you in the ass. Ouch, but somehow I do not believe that the Democrats will take some of their own medicine peacefully.

So, get ready for some real ugliness. We usually name one person for our Dumbass of the Week honor but, this week, we have just way too many pure gold sound bites, from some first rate Dumbasses. In one Q&A with George Stephanopoulos, Nancy Pelosi did not dismiss, at all, the notion of (wait for it) …Impeaching the President for making a nomination, in order to slow down the process.  The stupidity of the question by Stephanopoulos and the gross arrogance of Pelosi, for not HONESTLY answering the question, would usually qualify either person for our Dumbass of the Week honor but, both the question and non-answer belie the fact that YOU CANNOT IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT FOR DOING SOMETHING THAT HE IS REQUIRED TO DO! Read the Constitution, that is a part of the job.  We also had Joe Biden, who refused to say who he would nominate if he were elected President. Actually, not saying who he would nominate is probably a smart thing because he’s apt to lose half of his voters with whomever he announced. However, it was the dumbass reason he gave which was, “if I say who I’d nominate, then it would take the focus off of Trump”.  Remarkably, the reporter followed up with a question and asked, “Well, don’t the people have a right to know who you’d choose?” At which point, Biden went further down the dumbass rabbit hole with his answer, “And, they will after I’m elected and with plenty of time”.  Translation: NO, they do not have the right to know.

The entire process from announcing the nominee to getting confirmed by the Senate should take a little more than a month. A month that might feel like an eternity but a month nonetheless. So let’s have fun this around and avoid all of the unpleasantness that we were forced to watch during the Kavanaugh hearings. Let’s be prepared for all of the ugliness that will ensue. Amy Coney Barrett is a married woman with children, so let’s TRY to laugh at some of the brutal tactics that the Dems will certainly employ. During the hearings we can play drinking games and every time they accuse her of having had an extra marital affair, we take a shot. Every time they accuse her of being a poor mother, we take a shot. Every time they try to link a sexual tryst of her to Donald Trump directly, we chug a full beer. We may not like what they will do and say, so let’s at least get drunk if we are forced to listen.  And let’s remember in November how disgusting these people are and vote them out with such a one sided result that all of the cheating and underhanded tactics that they have already begun to use, will not make any difference.


Joe Dumbass, the Free Thinker.



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