Dumbass of the Week 10/21/2019

Oct 22 , 2019

Dumbass of the Week 10/21/2019

What would a Dumbass of the Week Blog be without, at least once, the award going to Hillary Rodham Clinton? She’s back in the news because she’s trying to sell her new book, “Gutsy Women”, that she wrote with her daughter Chelsea. I haven’t read it yet, but my suspicion is that they, Hillary, Chelsea, and possibly others of their brethren are the so called ‘Gutsy Women’? Don’t know, don’t care. At any rate, Hillary is back in the news and she’s not going away so easily. This past week on a podcast with David Plouffe, Hillary stated that Tulsi Gabbard was a Russian asset who was being groomed by the Russians to become a third-party spoiler in the 2020 race. She then went on to smear Jill Stein with the same “she’s a favorite of the Russians” brush. Gee, if I did not know better I would think that Old HRC is still upset about the 2016 campaign and is holding a grudge against some of the women she believes stood in her way to becoming the President.

Just so we are clear, Tulsi Gabbard is a sitting Congresswomen from Hawaii. She’s a decorated Major in Hawaii’s Army National Guard and voluntarily served two tours in the Middle East. Something tells me that despite the qualification, she didn’t make it into the pages of the ‘Gutsy Women’ book? I am also rather certain that the Russians have not been able to ‘flip’ her and turn her into their asset. Gabbard, if my memory is correct, was the Vice Chair of the DNC in 2016 and publicly quit when she realized the level of CORRUPTION amongst the DNC hierarchy and how they were trying to RIG the primary so that Old HRC would win the nomination. Ms. Tulsi then endorsed Bernie Sanders.  Okay, it’s starting to make some sense to me now and I think that Hillary may still be angry? As for Jill Stein, who was in fact a third-party candidate in 2016 (received almost no votes and could not help the Russians if she were so inclined) how she can be their favorite, I’m at a loss! But the Tulsi Gabbard score makes perfect sense. *audible eye roll.

Two weeks ago, Old Hillary warned Donald Trump not to tempt her to run for President because she would beat him again. Wouldn’t she have needed to beat him once to beat him again? Aside from this being a rematch that I would love, love, love to see I must admit that it’s only because I would love, love, love to watch her lose again. In fact, I believe, the only people who actually want Hillary to run again are people who would enjoy watching her implode so publicly, again. Run Hillary, run. Please.

Joe Dumbass 


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