Dumb Ass of The Week 11/19/19

Nov 19 , 2019

Dumb Ass of The Week 11/19/19

To Our Dumbass of the Week Reader,

 Every week when we discuss our candidates for this commentary, the Dumbass Apparel’s Board of Directors have a meeting and actually discuss those most worthy. We seem to be stuck on the same several people week after week. It’s obvious that there are problems in today’s society. Buy NowIt may even be obvious who the people are that are most responsible for creating so many problems. The answer to fixing THIS particular problem should be the answer we ALL seek!

In short, we are All the Dumbass of the Week if we allow our government to be abused, so viciously, while we stand by and do nothing in our own defense. I do not understand, at all, how after the first three witnesses in an IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY they have not been able to establish direct contact of ANY impeachable offense to the President OR that there was ANY firsthand knowledge by a witness provided, whatsoever. Buy NowI say, as "AMERICANLY" as possible, three strikes and you are out.

We can put an end to stupidity in our government by creating a landslide for Donald Trump in 2020. Plain and simple, vote out stupidity and teach the Adam Schiffs, Nancy Pelosis, AOCs and everyone on the Democrat side that such amateurish behavior will not be tolerated. We have a country to run, and after three years of "Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!" we’ve grown tired and want to see our government run by professionals who want to do their job.Buy Now Fortunately, elections do have consequences. Even more fortunately, our Constitution protects from abusive politicians. We are being abused and it’s not being done by the guy on trial. He’s been the subject of some sort of impeachment inquiry since the day after the election in 2016. They, the Democrats, have screamed, plotted and schemed for a recall of the 2016 election! He, Donald Trump, has stewarded robust growth in the economy on both Wall Street and Main Street, driven down the unemployment numbers to historic lows across the board and in all demographics, has dealt with numerous border issues including record numbers of illegal crossings, obtained peace between the Koreas, seems to be getting China into the team spirit of things and the list goes on.


I used to think that I once understood what a good first term would look like. I guess not.



Joe Dumbass

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