Dumb Ass of The Week 12/03/2019

Dec 04 , 2019

Dumb Ass of The Week 12/03/2019

Dumbass of the Week:     12/03/19

The idea for this week’s Dumbass of the Week came to me last week when U.S. District Court Judge Ketangi Brown Jackson ruled that Don McGahn, the former White House Counsel for President Trump, would have to testify before the House Judiciary Committee. In essence, Judge Brown decided that the President of the United States is not entitled to seek confidential legal counsel in the course of performing his duties as president. In short, it’s a meaningless ruling that will be appealed and more than likely its appeal will be upheld.  Nonetheless, if McGahn did testify he would offer nothing more than, “I really can’t get into that” or “that’s confidential and something I can’t discuss” or some other variation of a polite refusal to answer the question. BOGO 50Judge Brown was a leading contender for this week’s award and then I read an article in the WSJ which was about Richard Spencer, the former Secretary of the Navy, who requested that the President a.k.a. The Commander in Chief, not interfere in the trial of Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher. And then it dawned on me, the “Deep State” or the “Unelected Government Bureaucracy”  that Donald Trump has been complaining about for the last few years not only exists but is out in the open, and looks to be losing their battle against this president. 

To me, last week’s impeachment inquiry was nothing more than a bunch of “Deep Staters” who simply did not appreciate the President’s style in foreign policy. I have to be honest that my feelings of confusion at underlings so forcefully coming out against the President of the United States has morphed into an enjoyment at watching sheltered ‘cry babies’ get taught real life lessons at the hand of Donald Trump.  It’s true, sometimes despite your protestations, the big boss will make decisions that you do not like. It’s also true that every person in the real world knows this and accepts as a part of the job. This week’s Dumbass is every member of the ‘Deep State’ who has joined the effort to undermine this President and his presidency. The never ending effort to create roadblocks for the Trump administration has taught many of us lessons on how our government actually works. When you add the main stream media’s complicity in the overall scheme, things start to make sense…and, if I didn’t laugh I would cry. Thank God that I am able to laugh because I believe that Donald Trump is winning enough of these battles to win the war. Adam SchiffAnd YES, these people have declared war on Donald Trump. Think about it, if they had their way our President would not be entitled to legal counsel; would not involve himself in military issues; would not interfere with the State Department’s foreign policy efforts; would be unable to issue executive orders and unable to undo executive orders issued by the previous administration; would need House approval to speak to foreign leaders; would be unable to look into possible criminality committed by members of the previous administration and the list goes on, and on and on. If they keep digging they are bound to find a crime that Trump committed, at some point in his life, and will be able to impeach him, finally.

As for the media, well they have seemingly lost their touch and with it, their power. In truth, as far as the media goes, a monopoly amongst a handful of elites no longer exists. Outlets, like Dumbass of the Week and a million other places with more notoriety, are able to express opinions which run counter to CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times and every other news organization which, not so long ago, completely controlled the news we were given. Save for these modern outlets of opinion, Donald Trump would have never been elected President in a previous era. The news outlets mentioned above would have been able to force him out of the race. If not, they sure as heck would have been able to force him out of office within the first six months of his term.Hakuna Matata Considering the fact that 92% of all media coverage of DJT by these same organizations is negative, and that Trump’s polling numbers have gone up despite the 92% negative coverage, means that these organizations have lost their juice with regards to controlling public opinion. This past week 3 separate polls had Trump’s favorable rating in the African American community at 34%. Take a moment and think about that, 34% approval in the African American community. For starters, he only received 8% of the African American vote in 2016. So, he’s quadrupled his support in 3 years. Yet, for the same time period, these ‘elite’ news organizations have been telling us that Donald Trump is a horrible racist who wants to Make America White Again. I guess that at least 34% of the African American community did not get the message? The bigger question on the media’s mind is what will his approval be next year at the same time? 

I, for one, sense fear on the establishment’s part. The establishment being the entrenched ‘deep staters’, the ‘elite’ media groups and the politicians who have been able to remain in Washington D.C. for decades. The establishment, just to be clear, is not Donald Trump, his supporters nor most average everyday type Americans. Certainly not the 34% in the African American community who have a favorable opinion of Donald Trump. Keep in mind that Hillary lost the last election with 88% of the African American vote. If 34% approval translates to more of a percentage of the vote, well, impeachment or not, he’ll be getting his second term. So, true to form, the establishment is at war with anyone who questions their authority. However, they do not have the power they once did and, their biggest fear, I believe an awakened public is starting to stir. 


Joe Dumbass

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