Dumb Ass of the Week 12/10/19

Dec 10 , 2019

Dumb Ass of the Week 12/10/19

Dumbass of the Week 12/08/19

Our cup runneth over, once again. The week started out as rather benign but quickly yielded a smorgasbord of choices for our Dumbass of the Week winner. The choices were epic in their individual appeal and ranged from a transgender woman who wondered if she could take legal action against a gynecologist who SHOP NOWwould not take her on as a patient, to Lisa Page of the famous Page/Strozk duo who had their torrid love affair outed by Congress in pursuit of Russian Collusion, to Joe Biden challenging an 83 year old man to a push-up contest, to Congressman Al Green suggesting that there is NO LIMIT to the amount of times that Congress can impeach a President, to Adam Schiff including the phone records of Rudy Giuliani, Devin Nunes and a reporter, John Solomon, as a part of his impeachment appeal only to find out that he had incorrect phone numbers and violated any number of ethical and legal standards in the process, to a Stanford Law Professor who was testifying before Congress who invoked 13 year old Barron Trump into the conversation, to, and finally, Nancy Pelosi who  informed the country that the impeachment process will move forward. For us, and this blog, it was a very good week. Our only regret is that we wish that some of these events could be spread out over time so that future choices are much easier. However, it is often said that when it rains it pours.

 First up, the transgender woman who wanted to sue a gynecologist for not taking her on as a patient still has her maleness attached. Yes, you read that correctly. A quick note to the LGBTQ community, if this is where we are as a society, a transgender woman demanding gynecological services, then we’ve moved well past the proper pronoun debate and bathroom concerns. Please help out on this one and explain to this individual why she does not need this type of service and NO, there is NO legal recourse to which she is entitled. Thank you in advance.

Second, Lisa Page who was angered by the President’s parody of a supposed conversation between her and Peter Strozk, her former lover. These were the two SHOP NOWwho had shared countless text messages depicting their personal animus towards then candidate Trump and his chances of becoming President. To be fair to all involved, the President read their text messages and added voice and color to the conversation. It was very funny and a separate note to Adam Schiff, what the President did was actual parody. What you did was try to build a case on a lie, which is very different. But I digress, back to Lisa Page who promised to not be quiet any longer when the President mocks her. The thing is Ms. Page, I do not even see the Women’s organizations or the #me too movement coming to your defense. You are a joke and you deserve the mockery, just be quiet and, in time, it will go away.

Third, Joe Biden, “Lunch Pail Joe” got asked a question, by an 83 year old man, at a campaign stop about his involvement getting his son Hunter such a lucrative position at a gas company in Ukraine. Old Joe wasn’t having it and suggested that the 83 year had no idea what he was talking about. He then called the 83 SHOP NOWyear old fat and challenged him to a push-ups contest.  This seriously happened, and Joe Biden DID help his cocaine snorting, crack smoking, hooker banging, out of wedlock baby making loser of a son, Hunter, an $80,000, A MONTH, job on the board of directors for a company in an industry that Hunter had no experience, and in a country where Hunter had no contacts nor spoke the language. I stand corrected, Hunter’s Ukrainian contact was his father who was the Obama administration’s point person in the country.  Hey Joe (sorry Jimi), if you plan on staying in the race, you better get used to this line a questioning and understand that just because the main stream media won’t ask the question, the American people, and Ukrainian people for that matter, still want to know.

Fourth, Congressman Al Green. I swear that every time that I hear this man speak I wonder if stupidity is an actual requirement in order to get elected to Congress. To be fair to Mr. Green, I think he simply lacks the gene of discretion. You know the one, where you think something but don’t say it out loud. Certainly not on television for the entire world to hear. Congressman Green made it clear that Congress is NOT limited to the amount of times that they can impeach a President. Again, you read that correctly. In other words, if we impeach him and the American people re-elect him, then we can keep on impeaching him. On second thought, he is stupid. Please note that this is the same Al Green who suggested a while back that if we don’t impeach the President, he will be re-elected. I think the Dems in Congress are following his advice? It reminds me of the line in the Forest Gump movie that Stupid Is, As Stupid Does.

Fifth, Adam Schiff. Possibly the worst human being alive and certainly the most disgusting and disgraceful person in the United States Congress. Included in the Intelligence Committee Impeachment report were phone records of Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney; Devin Nunes, the Intelligence Committee Ranking Member; and a journalist, John Solomon. For starters this is as far over the line as anything we have ever seen. When were these phone records subpoenaed? Why did AT&T comply with this subpoena? Why are you spying on the President’s attorney, fellow members of Congress and members of the press? Despite the legal and ethical entanglements that Schiff may have created for himself (Oh, how I wish he’s forced to resign from the Congress) the complete DUMBASS had the wrong numbers. Once again, you read that correctly. The numbers he gave cannot be verified and make him look like the sniveling dirt bag we all know him to be.

Sixth, if you had the strength and willingness to sit through the Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry this past week, then you saw four Constitutional experts opine on their beliefs of whether or not Donald Trump’s behavior, as President, is worthy of Impeachment. As expected, it was a 3:1 ratio of rabid Trump hating crazies to someone willing to look at the facts, the law and the overall circumstances involved in the case. In short, 3 ayes to 1 nay. However, SHOP NOWamongst the rabid Trump hating crazies, one woman, Pamela Karlan, distinguished herself as the worst of the bunch when asked a question by Shelia Jackson Lee (of course) about the difference between Kings and Presidents or something about the president not being a royal. Pamela Karlan was off to the races when she stated that, “although he can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a Baron”.  I could write an entire article of the verifiable stupidity of this statement and woman but, (a) that this was the level of scholarship that was offered at such a hearing is absurd and (b) that this idiot would invoke the name of a 13 year old boy because she hates his father, is utterly despicable. She later apologized for the comment but did so in a condescending and obnoxious way where she compared herself to President Trump, which made her look like even more of an idiot.

And finally, lucky number seven, once again our winner for Dumbass of the Week is Nancy Pelosi for deciding that Articles of Impeachment will be written up and the case will go forward. Apparently the three rabid Trump hating professors convinced her that this is a good idea and that the Democrats are on a good path. Unfortunately, for Mrs. Pelosi and the Democrats, the numbers tell a completely different story and Donald Trump and the Republicans seem to be benefitting from all of the House activity on the subject. To be fair, the Dumbass Apparel board is neither Republican nor Democrat and only hopes that the Dumbass of the Week article is a fair and accurate portrayal of events. In that light, Mrs. Pelosi is doing more for Republicans than we believe that they would ever be able to do for themselves. The Republicans are united in their belief that this process has been rushed to an extreme and dangerous point. They are even more united in the belief that the case against the President, in terms of being motivated by politics to dig up dirt against Creepy Uncle Joe just to hurt him in the 2020 race, has not been proven. Despite the fact that the Democrats have presented an extremely weak case, Nancy Pelosi is charging full steam ahead.  Aside from Republican unity being stronger than ever, their fund raising efforts are enjoying great momentum as a result of this Democrat impeachment quest. Republicans are out spending Democrats 10:1 in an advertising blitz in districts the Republicans think they can win in 2020. At this point, Donald Trump has been asking the Democrats to hurry up, take the vote and impeach him so that we can have a trial in the Senate. Once more, you’ve read that correctly, he’s asking them to impeach him. It sounds like a trap to me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a crystal ball and I do not know how this will end. I do understand that when the Speaker of the House of Representatives claims to speak for the American people, she is mistaken. As a Congressperson she only speaks for her district and as Speaker, she speaks for her party. It’s the President who speaks for the American people. Dumbass of the Week Nancy Pelosi has lost control of her caucus and with it her ability to lead. The decision to move forward is dangerous on so many levels, she’s claimed to pray often for the President. I am not sure I believe that, however, I am praying for her to stop being such a Dumbass and to please put an end to this absurdity. I am praying for her to finally accept the 2016 election results and then the 2020 election results, whatever they may be. If not, then buckle up because I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.  


Joe Dumbass

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