Dumb Ass Of The Week 12/16/19

Dec 18 , 2019

Dumb Ass Of The Week 12/16/19

Dumbass of the Week:   12/16/19


James Comey- The Man Who Would Be King

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction, in a week where our Congressional Judiciary Committee has just passed articles of impeachment without a criminal charge mind you, James “Jimmy Boy” Comey is our Dumbass of the Week. Good job, and to be fair, Dumbass, is really not strong enough to suggest our level of dissatisfaction with Mr. Comey. Rest assured that this guy is a special case of arrogant, corrupt and million other things all negative. Despite the media’s infatuation with the Impeachment Show that they’ve been helping to produce, the big story this week took place in the Senate Judiciary Committee focused on the IG Report involving Russian collusion and the investigation into the Trump 2016 campaign. Michael Horowitz, the Obama appointed (not that who appointed anyone should matter if they are doing their job HONESTLY) Inspector General, testified before the Buy NowSenate Judiciary Committee to discuss his report and its findings. OMG, for an investigation that is limited in scope and ability to dig past its outlined mandate, shrouded in circumspect language that is designed to sound benign, a scathing rebuke of the James Comey led FBI and its investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign, could not have been made more clearly. Of course our favorite culprits in the media did their very best to downplay any findings that run counter to their pro forma narrative that Trump colluded with Russia.

Cut to the chase, the IG Report exonerated Donald J. Trump completely with regards to Trump Russia collusion. Going forward anyone who suggests otherwise is a complete idiot who can be summarily ignored. Listed amongst the many findings were 3 instances where the FBI LIED to the FISA court in order to continue spying on the Trump campaign; 17 instances of gross incompetence (because no one admitted to bias, wink, wink) and 1 instance of an FBI attorney altering a report to make Carter Page a suspect worthy of investigation. Yeah, not a good look for the FBI.  The Inspector General (IG) report is an internal investigation that is not criminal in nature. It’s primary to focus is to review procedures that were followed and only current members of the FBI are allowed to be questioned. It’s fair to note that Mr. Comey did not reinstate his FBI clearance so he could not be questioned. It is also very convenient that he failed to do so, because he probably would have been forced to lie under oath.  Again, focusing on the limited scope of the IG report and its obfuscation in terms of language, the report states that it did not find illegal activity nor intent. More accurately, it concluded that no one ADMITTED to starting an illegal investigation into a Presidential campaign. It, however, lists a whole bunch of times that the investigation should have been stopped because exculpatory evidence had been discovered but ignored. So, let’s be fair and accurate in our conclusions: The investigation was NOT started illegally nor with a biased intent against Trump, at least no one admitted to such a claim nor was a paper trail discovered, by the IG, to could expose such a claim. However, there were at least 17 times that the investigation SHOULD have been stopped because the evidence produced proved that Team Trump had done nothing untoward much less illegal. It is also fair to note that the bar to start a counter-intelligence investigation is extremely low, so there would not be evidence, per se, to suggest an illegal beginning to the investigation…because the bar is extremely low. So low, in fact, that a drunk guy talking in a bar spouting gibberish is enough of a standard to begin an investigation. However, once started and once real information starts to flow, if exculpatory, the investigation is to be shut down.

Enter James ‘Jimmy Boy’ Comey, the then Director of the FBI, who has maintained the sanctity of this investigation and defended it ad nausea…that James Comey. The same James Comey who in July of 2016 produced a litany of crimes that Hillary Clinton had committed but went onto say that,”no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against Mrs. Clinton”. The same James Comey who in October of 2016 announced that he was going to re-open the case against Mrs. Clinton because of all of the emails (thousands) that they found on Anthony Weiner’s computer that he shared with his wife Huma Abedin, HRC’s Chief of Staff. The same James Comey who one week after that gave HRC a pass because he claimed that none of the emails were classified, etc. Buy NowThe same James Comey who would not publicly state that Donald Trump was not a target in the Russia collusion investigation. The same James Comey who because of incompetence (or corruption) was fired by Trump. The same James Comey who Democrats hated for what he did to Mrs. Clinton less than one month before the 2016 election, now defended him because Trump had fired him. The same James Comey who leaked classified information through his buddy at NYU that helped start the Mueller investigation. The same James Comey who has been on a book tour the last year and a half…that guy. You know the one.

We have stated it here before that not only do we think that the Deep State exists, we believe that they are out in the open and demanding to be heard. A Dumbass like Comey does not realize his level of corruption has a stench to it that any decent person can smell a mile away. Seriously, the man is a flawed human being for whom prison is too good. I watched him on an interview with Chris Wallace this past Sunday and do not know how to explain what I saw. Wallace would ask him a question, Comey would answer it and then Wallace would play IG Horowitz’s response to the same question which was entirely different and Comey would say that he and Horowitz were saying the same thing. Surreal does not do justice to the exchange which left Chris Wallace gasping at points.

I have grown cynical these past few years as we have all learned that there is a deep level of corruption in our government. We have all heard stories regarding the Hoover run FBI and how he remained in power for years because he had always dug up dirt on every President for whom he served and that each President would leave him in his position, so as to not be exposed. So, I openly ask the question was Jimmy Boy making a play to be King? Follow my logic about Comey’s behavior in 2016 and early 2017. He gave HRC a huge break in July 2016, only to take it away in October 2016 for about a week, but then gave her a clean bill of health. She knew that he had the goods to expose and prosecute her. If she won, she’d be forced to make nice with Comey, keep him in his position and allow him to garner as much power as he could. Surprise of surprises, Trump won and all of the sudden we learned that there was an ongoing counter-intelligence investigation into Trump that had been well underway for quite some time. Mind you, nothing but exculpatory evidence had been discovered but Comey would not do the newly elected President the courtesy of saying as much. Angry/Crazy Democrats focused on Trump but I think Comey is the rat in this story who wanted either person, no matter who won the presidency, to be at his mercy. I think Jimmy Boy took a shot at the King and missed? Trump did something that was one of Trump’s taglines on The Apprentice and told Comey, “You’re Fired”.  But Jimmy wouldn’t go quietly and knew the system well enough, plus now had the backing of the angry/crazy Democrats, and was able to get a Special Prosecutor appointed (Comey buddy Bob Mueller) to investigate the 2016 election and specifically the Trump Campaign. Good job, Mr. Dumb Ass!

And now where are we? Jimmy Boy, not even the angry/crazy Democrats who wanted your help to remove Trump are coming to your defense. The investigations into your conduct or misconduct are far from over. Your pathetic excuse of ‘real sloppiness’ are, well, pathetic. In our humble opinion, you deserve far worse than the hell through which you put Carter Page, Gen. Michael Flynn and so many others you regarded as inconsequential in your desire to be the most powerful person in the country and possibly the world. Enjoy prison, we hope you get the opportunity to stay in one place for the rest of your life. Hopefully, at this place, some of your friends (Brennan, Clapper, Strozk, and McCabe, etal) can stay with you.  At any rate, you put the country on its head for the past 3 years and deserve a fate which exacts some justice. Maybe you’ll get shived in prison by a person who still blames you for Hillary losing in 2016 or shot by a guard who claimed that you were trying to escape but who actually knows someone who was dishonorably discharged from the Army for simply being careless with classified information? Who knows, but whatever happens to you in life should be a painful reminder of how much of a bastard you have been to this country.


Joe Dumbass





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