Dumb Ass Of The Week 12/23/19

Dec 24 , 2019

Dumb Ass Of The Week 12/23/19

Nancy Pelosi – The Impeachment Failure

What would happen if there was an impeachment of a U.S. President and no one seemed to care? What would it mean if the person, most in charge, of securing an impeachment vote against a U.S. President, who demanded that time was of the essence and the process required speed for our own security, wound up holding the approved articles from the Senate in order to delay a trial? Buy NowThe answers to these two questions remain a mystery because we still don’t know. Nancy Pelosi, you amaze us! You are a first rate Dumbass, but your utter gall and outright scheming is nonetheless impressive to behold. It’s not impressive in a good way, kind of like slowing down to look at a car crash, possibly you are just a player in a game that requires one to have absolutely no conscience nor care about how you are perceived? Nonetheless, good job on another Dumbass of the Week victory.

Just like the impeachment vote last week, this week’s Dumbass was a far gone conclusion that we saw coming once the House voted to pass the two articles of impeachment. The two extremely weak and silly articles of impeachment, just to be clear. However, holding onto the articles of impeachment until you are certain that a trial in the Senate would be fair, is far beyond anything that we could comprehend or see coming. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one, Buy NowNancy Pelosi, the woman who allowed Adam Schiff to have an impeachment inquiry in secret; who did not allow the President to have attorneys cross examine witnesses; who did not allow the President to call witnesses; who did not allow Republicans to ask questions; whose impeachment of the President has been called Congressional Abuse of Power; whose not turning over the articles of impeachment is actual Obstruction of Congress,    is concerned about a fair trial? Nancy, in the words of Lindsay Graham, “Impeachment is a dead cat, stop playing with it”. 

So, now I ask what would happen if Congress impeached a President and no one cared? The thing is, no one cares because most people are able to see this for what it is, raw and ugly politics. This is also the point where an author says that the system is broken, I disagree with that sentiment and will say, “Our politicians are broken”.  I will acknowledge that our system has been corrupted, but it has been done so by evil doers who do not care about anything but themselves. Nancy Pelosi is one of them, she’s been corrupted long ago by money and power. I believe that if she could take the voters out of the equation, she would not hesitate to do so. After all, what do the voters know? I could mock the woman and laugh at the meme I saw that suggested every time the she speaks, I think that I am watching an advertisement for Poligrip, Depends and Jack Daniels all in one. And, while that is funny and she deserves to be mocked, I am much more concerned about her dangerous and reckless disregard for the American people, our society and our laws. Nancy Pelosi and her ilk, many of whom belong to both parties, are true menaces to society. The woman claims to speak for the American people all of the time, but she was only elected by her Congressional district in San Francisco, and she knows that. She also knows that our main stream media will not push back on her and believes that she can outsmart most of us. To me, she is a shining example of why Congressional term limits need to be enacted. She, along with about 6-12 dozen other fascistic members of both chambers, would be willing to undo an election if they thought that it would suit them politically. She is, sure as heck, not limited to following laws, precedent and the accepted norms that have been instituted to protect a process as solemn as impeachment.

 Impeachment used to mean something important, now and thanks to Nancy’s house, Impeachment is something that President Trump can actually wear as a badge of honor. Impeachment must mean that President Trump is doing a great job and that his political opponents have no other answer for a strong economy; a booming stock market; record low unemployment numbers; a rebuilt military; a subdued border crisis; a compliant China; and a worldwide movement towards national pride that seem to extol the virtues of the Trump administration. Okay, maybe impeachment is the only thing that they have left in their bag of tricks? But, and this is funny, until they deliver the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, he has NOT been impeached. Every time I say that, I laugh. Even one of the dipshit ‘expert’ witnesses that the Dems had testify, Noah Feldman, wrote an op-ed saying this same thing. In short, Impeachment is a process which includes the House submitting the Articles to the Senate, where a trial takes place. The articles have not been submitted, so at this point, no one has been impeached. It’s like it never happened.

If you are like me and are still scratching your head as to why this all took place let me offer some reasons that might make sense but may also prove to only encourage more questions. First, impeachment may very well be the Democratic 2020 campaign strategy. Who knows, have you seen the slate of 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates? Strong, is not really the first thing that comes to mind? Second, and always ask this question, what else is going on and could this all be a big distraction? Did you know that our Congress just passed 2 spending bills worth almost $1.4 Trillion dollars, that’s trillion with a T? In short, we have no answers, just questions. 


Joe Dumbass

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