Dumb Ass Of The Week 2/4/2020

Feb 04 , 2020

Dumb Ass Of The Week 2/4/2020

DAW: 02/04/2020

Who Do You Believe, Me? Or, You’re Lying Eyes?

Hold the presses! Stop, we have a different winner than we did just yesterday. We have a new Dumbass of the Week and we are not certain if it’s the Democrats in Iowa or the Democrats who rigged the primary in 2016; gave us an impeachment because of a phone call; don’t think that you realize that a strong economy and low unemployment numbers are good for ALL Americans; still expect you to believe that Trump colluded with Russia; also expect you to believe that Trump colluded with Ukraine but is a puppet of Vladimir Putin as well; floated the idea that Trump might sell Alaska to the Russians, move to Mar a Lago and name Jared Kushner president; questioned Pete Buttigieg about the inherent ‘racist dog whistles’ in his use of the term “Heartland” when speaking of mid-Westerners (MSNBC –Joy Reid, true); and the list goes on. Impeach ThisIn short, we believe that the delay in Iowa must mean that Bernie Sanders won HUUUGGGE; Buttigieg came in second; that the first team of Democrat candidates scored poorly; that the establishment Dems must be reeling and just trying to nullify the results of the Iowa caucus. At this point, it’s just a theory but one, we think, holds water.

The problem with writing this blog, weekly, is that we live in such volatile times so in just one-day we could miss the big story of the week. I also am tired of picking on the same people, it’s boring and I feel as though I keep repeating myself. Kind of like the House Managers did when pushing the Senate to remove the President from office. My ears hurt from hearing the same UNPROVEN SPECULATION over and over from 7-8 different people. A note to Mr. Schiff for Brains, President Trump would not sell Alaska to the Russians because he will most likely carry the state in the next election. Duh. Honestly, I had a whole other DAW written, which just needed some final touches but stayed up to catch the results of Iowa, saw that the results were not in, so I went to bed. First thing in the morning and nothing, I don’t know about you but I smell a rat. When discussing politics, I often say that I have an equal distrust of both sides, and the only people who disagree with that statement are affirmed Trump haters who need you to distrust him more than their own distrustful candidates. I’m sorry to disappoint them as often as I do, and they usually wind up hating me and then saying something nasty about me personally. And yet, I just don’t care. I have strict policy against arguing with crazy people, which is much worse than arguing with stupid people, which also sucks.

Back to Iowa, what happened? I mean its 2020 and being able to build an APP to communicate precinct election results should not be a big deal. Plus, using the phone system as a back-up should work as a sufficient fail safe for transmitting results. Unless, the wrong people won? Get Over ItDo a test and Google: Iowa Caucus 2020 results and read the number of stories from ‘Establishment Democrats’ about how Iowa should not be the first state to caucus; how the caucus system is antiquated; how, how, how??? Can we ever trust our elections again? It seems to me that the problem with our elections, for Democrats, is the voters. You people cannot be trusted to make the right decision, so we need to devise ways to take that responsibility away from all of you. In 2016, we had the security of ‘Super Delegates’, which meant that no matter how you voted in the primary, Hillary was going to win. We decided that it was her turn, and that she would have a better chance in the general election than any other candidate, so we just went through the motions and pretended to care what you thought, but in the end, no matter what you said, Hillary would get the nod. This time around, because we came under such ridicule for what we did last time, we decided to return the choice to our voters, which appears to have been the wrong thing to do because they chose wrong. Just like we were afraid they might.

I have heard it explained this way: If we have learned anything from Donald Trump, it’s how corrupt the system actually is. We have been able to see the media bias in reporting. The dishonest presentation of facts and figures from sources we once trusted, without question.  Election results have become a nightmare and impeachment may be introduced as par for the course anytime a president of one party, faces a majority, in the House, of a different party. If Donald Trump wins re-election and the Democrats keep the majority in the House, it’s an even money bet that he will be impeached a second time.  Serbian Collusion, should work fine. It’s likely that our system has ALWAYS been this corrupt but that we were all so naïve as to the pervasiveness and level to which the corruption existed. It seems that the media play their part as well. The double standards that they have allowed are something that we have learned to laugh at, and if you watch for, they can be quite amusing. In 2016, Donald Trump won an election that our vaulted media told you could never happen…so, a special prosecutor was hired to get any dirt they could on him, his associates, his campaign, etc. Several associates went to jail for behavior unrelated to the campaign, but not Trump. Also, it seems that our own FBI had been playing dirty against Trump since 2015 when he announced that he was going to run. These are the same people who want you to believe that 33,000 destroyed, SUBPOENAED, emails is not proof of any wrongdoing and should be overlooked. I believe that we have corruption in our system and I believe that the Democrats are imploding as we speak. It seems to me that they are always one convenient step ahead of a scandal that would sink any Republican or person they prefer not to get their nomination. The same people who demanded that you look past Hillary’s crimes, are the people who told you that the Biden’s did not do anything wrong in Ukraine. And are the same people who sure as heck do not want Bernie, a Communist through and through, who honey mooned in SOVIET Russia, in the 80’s, when it was as Communist as Communist could be. Who once uttered the words, in regards to the bread lines in Soviet Russia that, “bread lines are a good thing, because that means that people are waiting in line for bread”. It’s actually funny if you say it in Bernie’s heavy, ethnically cultural, Brooklyn accent.  These are the same people who do not want Bernie Sanders to be their standard bearer, under any circumstances, even if that means allowing someone as corrupt as Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden to be the nominee.

So, my final thoughts on Iowa is simply that Bernie must have done the best amongst the 47 or so candidates still in the race and by a wide margin. Pete Buttigieg must have come in second place, also by a comfortable margin and that picking up the rear of the pack were Warren; Klobuchar; Biden; Bennet and all others whose disappointing results could not provide them with momentum enough to help solidify their nomination. This entire episode was a catastrophe of epic proportion which only proves the rank incompetence and corruption within the Democratic Party. So, when someone asks me who won the Iowa Caucus, my response will be, “Trump”.  


Joe Dumbass

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