Dumbass of the Week September 24, 2019

Sep 24 , 2019

Dumbass of the Week September 24, 2019



Our Dumbass of the Week, 09/24/19: is the MSM for doing the DNC's dirty work.
We are disgusted and outraged but mostly feel that it is our responsibility to stand up to corrupt politicians and a corrupt media who seem to be one in the same. The Ukraine story regarding a whistleblower has been based on nothing more than hearsay, yet has been given the full controversy treatment by the esteemed members of the New York Times; the Washington Post and CNN amongst others.
 Maybe, just maybe, it's time to start boycotting the ADVERTISERS of such honest and decent organizations. These are the same people who gave us the Russia Collusion Hoax; the Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape a girl in high school debacle and a slew of other 'controversial' stories which have gone nowhere. In the attached video, Adam Schiff, who is possibly the most dishonest person in Congress, is talking about the seriousness of the charges based on nothing. Notice not one question regarding the evidence he promised incriminating Donald Trump for the President's role involved in the election controversy which plagued this nation for 2 1/2 years. #Don'tBeAnAdamSchiffForBrains!!
Joe Dumbass

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