Dumbass Of The Week 10/29/2019

Oct 29 , 2019

Dumbass Of The Week 10/29/2019

Oh, what a week! There are so many wonderful choices we had to choose from for our Dumbass of the
Week. This week’s winner though, 10/29/19, is none other than the junior senator from Utah, Mr. Mitt
Romney. Or, should we say Pierre Delecto?

In a week where the United States military took out one of the World’s most notorious terrorists, Abu
Bakr al-Baghdadi, and the democrats in the media alongside the democrats in Congress did everything in
their power to throw water on a “Trump victory”, we gave the award to Mittens for using an alias on
twitter so that he could anonymously troll the President and build support for actual Romney positions.
Trust me when I say that this week in particular, the competition was fierce.
Other possibilities included:
(1) Nancy Pelosi for complaining that the President did not tell her or anyone of the Democrats in
leadership prior to the attack of al-Baghdadi that it was to occur. Follow my logic, no Democrats knew
of the attack and there were NO LEAKS of the attack. Hmm;
(2) Jake Tapper for his stellar coverage of the attack where he had CNN (go figure) cut away from the
President’s press conference following the attack. I believe that a fair CNN motto could be: “Nothing
that makes Trump look good will be included in our broadcast”;
(3) The women of the View for their wonderful words of encouragement for our President and his
efforts towards ridding the World of such a dangerous man. Joy Behar, in particular, her punishment is

having to go through life as Joy Behar. So unhappy, it’s sad;
(4) The Washington Post for its laudatory obituary of al-Baghdadi where he was referred to as “an
austere religious scholar”. It took them 3 tries and about 34 paragraphs to mention his terrorist
tendencies. I’m not sure if they got to the part about his practice of enslaving and raping women?
The list goes on, but I digress, back to Mittens Romney aka Pierre Delecto. Dumbass of the Week was
supposed to be humorous and light when first conceived. It was intended to be a platform for pointing
out behavior we found objectionable. We failed to realize the vast amount of despicable behavior that
so many “leaders” would engage in during an election year. Maybe our failure was in not realizing how
openly so many would engage in such transparent transgressions of decency? However, to Senator
Romney I will say that if you want to help form public opinion then do so from the perch of your senate
seat and not behind the pseudonym, Pierre Delecto. You were elected to help lead, so try doing so.
The irony of Romney getting this week’s Dumbass award is that last week’s winner was Hillary Clinton.
Romney and HRC are, consecutively, the last two losers of the 2012 and 2016 Presidential races and
both lack the courage and strength to be President. Mr. Romney, whether one likes Mr. Trump or does
not, he has proven every day since he decided to run that he has the power of his convictions. You, Sir,
like Mrs. Clinton, will never be President because you both lack such fundamental integrity. By deciding
to hide behind a pen name, as an elected official, to build support for your positions and to openly (not
really) question the President’s ability to lead, you prove yourself to be a coward. The truly funny thing
is the support you have received from the same media who ripped you apart when you challenged
Barack Obama for his presidential seat. Allow me to save you the suspense, so long as you have an R
next to your name, the Democrats in the media will NEVER like you. But be warned, they will use your
DUMBASS (pun intended) to try and hurt both Mr. Trump and the Republican Party. Don’t be such a
dumbass, Sir.

Joe Dumbass

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