Dumbass of the Week 11/04/19

Nov 05 , 2019

Dumbass of the Week 11/04/19

An open letter to Nancy Pelosi:

Dear Mrs. Pelosi,

It is obvious that you are in a tight spot, often referred to as between a rock and a hard place. “The Rock”: On the one hand you have an incredibly successful Donald Trump presidency that despite the media’s and Congress’ best efforts to derail, has been getting things done and quite effective. The economy is strong on both Wall Street and Main Street; the jobs market is the strongest it has been in almost sixty years and at historic unemployment lows for both the African American and Hispanic American communities. BUY NOWMr. Trump has secured funding for “the wall” fulfilling a major campaign promise in his first term. The U.S. military has been strengthened and our enemies weakened globally. ISIS has been decimated and its leader, al-Bagdhadi, recently killed. We’ve been withdrawing our troops from war torn areas and bringing home our soldiers so that they can be reunited with their own families. China, our most threatening global adversary, has been forced to come to the negotiating table, make nice and play fair. North Korea has not been the threat that the Democrats promised it would be and Russian Collusion could not be linked to either Mr. Trump or his campaign! The list goes on but for brevity sake I will move from the rock to the hard place.

 “The Hard Place”:The Democratic Party has been promising impeachment since the day that Donald Trump was elected; literally, the day after the election. It has been a non-stop battle cry that seems to have no end. Be careful, you are actually doing more for Republican unity than the Republican’s would ever be able to achieve on their own. Kind of like Beto O’Rourke helping to sell AR-15’s when he promised to take them away if he were elected President. The non-stop haranguing of the President is viewed by most Americans as completely unfair and nothing more than political gamesmanship. It’s also obvious, to most people, that the slate of Democratic nominees for the 2020 Presidential race are too weak to pose a serious threat towards unseating Mr. Trump. If you were the CEO of a business, I would advise you to take your losses, move on and live to fight another day. The Democrats in the Congress and the Democrats in the media have invested too much time and money towards the impeachment of Donald Trump for it to ever be considered successful. The first effort of trying to get the Electors to not ratify the election failed; the second effort of getting a special counsel to investigate the 2016 election was a worthy effort but ultimately failed; the third effort of getting the New York Democrats to sue Donald Trump for every business deal he has ever made is being delayed and will probably fail; the fourth effort, the Stormy Daniels episode has failed; the fifth effort of getting the eloquent and svelte Jerrold Nadler to continue the Russia Collusion in the Judiciary committee has failed and now we are at effort number six (I’m sure I missed a few) led by the honest, charming and wise Adam Schiff. BUY NOW ADAM SCHIFF FOR BRAINSMy horse sense tells me that if the Russia Collusion was a weak case, then the Ukrainian Collusion is even weaker. Honestly, if one is able to read the transcript of the phone conversation in question and come away with a secret plot to dismantle the Joe Biden campaign then they are able to see things which are invisible to most people. There’s also the possibility that Old Joe was a wee bit corrupt and that looking into his past dealings in the Ukraine might yield certain uncomfortable facts for everyone else involved. It may sure as heck justify the current President of the U.S. at least asking the question on the fourth page of the conversation? But I digress.

My hope is that you are actually the master politician that I believe you to be. Satisfy the far left of your party and the ISIS Bride Contingent of Democrats (not my term but too good to not use) who, amongst others, campaigned for their Congressional seats with trying to impeach the President, and by giving your Democratic partners in the media enough ammunition to hurt the President and yet, not bring a case serious enough to be able to pass impeachment in the House. I still believe that at the end of the day, the House does not call for this stupid vote and yet another impeachment effort will fail. However, the lingering stench of trying to cheat and fool the American people will not so easily be forgotten. My belief is that this continued effort will eventually lead to the destruction of the Democratic Party or, at least, the way it is constructed presently.  If this were a business and we both know that politics is a business, my advice would be to stop throwing good money after bad. Take the loss and look for better candidates who could actually win elections.


Joe Dumbass

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