Free Thought of the Week 10/05/20

Oct 07 , 2020

Free Thought of the Week 10/05/20

TFT: 10/05/20


Round 1


Who saw the debate? Okay, let’s break down the fight in the most fair and realistic way possible. If possible? First and foremost, I am not sure what the hell I was watching but I couldn’t turn away either. I have described it as something similar to looking at a car wreck on the highway.

No one wants to see a car wreck, but you can’t help but stare either. Nonetheless, the worst performance of the night, in my opinion, was Chris Wallace, who claimed before the debate that he wanted to be invisible. Epic fail Chris, because you were anything but invisible. In fact, you were a huge part of the problem.  But Trump was Trump and on the attack from the onset. Just as notable, Biden was Biden and did his fair share of interrupting and name calling. The best and most often used description of the event has been, “Shit Show”… as in, “It was a real shit show”.  And, it was!!

Donald Trump came out swinging, was interrupting and seemed angry. Considering the hell that the media and DNC have put him through the past 4 years, that was understandable but also it came off as being a bit over the top. If he lost the debate on style (and he probably did) then he certainly won it on substance because he made excellent points and has a strong record upon which to run. Joe Biden, on the other hand, was not really much to look at and impressed the crowd most by actually being able to answer questions. Trump’s biggest problem was interrupting Biden when Biden was falling down. Next debate, let Biden talk as much as possible because he sounds lost when he tries to speak. However, Trump’s biggest challenge of the night came from the moderator, Chris Wallace, who also did his fair share of interrupting and had lost complete control of every facet of the conversation. In many cases it seemed as though it was 2 against 1, Wallace and Biden against Trump. At one point, because of a stupidly asked question, Donald Trump said to Chris Wallace, “I guess I’m debating you too”. Trump is tough and likes to mix it up when he feels that he is being treated unfairly. At another point, Wallace tried to reclaim control and rebuked the President for not allowing Biden to answer. Donald Trump acknowledged Wallace’s comment and asked if the rebuke also applied to Joe Biden, and Wallace doubled down and told the President that he was being singled out as the bigger part of the problem. Again, not exactly fair because some of Biden’s barbs directed at the President of the United States of America included: Clown; Stupid; and Shut Up; plus, a ton of interruptions of his own.  Like I said earlier, “it was a shit show”, but it was also fun to watch.

Whenever you watch something this outrageous and it’s your job to write commentary of the event, you look for meaning and try to give reason to the unexplainable. In fairness, I gave Chris Wallace the worst grade of the evening. Four years ago, during the last Presidential debates, I thought that he was the best moderator to host any of the three showdowns. In 2016, I thought that he was fair and acquitted Fox News well, when so many (Democrats) suggested that Fox had no place moderating Presidential debates. History also tells us that fairness is not something the Democrats really value, so it was wise to take their words with a grain, or many grains, of salt. Nonetheless, this debate was a much anticipated event and no one knew what to expect. When things got out of control, Wallace made things worse by inserting himself into the conversation and so clearly taking sides. Upon racking my brain to explain Wallace’s actions it dawned on me that four years ago, during the debates, Megyn Kelly had a dust up with Donald Trump and shortly after announced that she was leaving Fox News to join NBC for a whopper contract. Last year, Sheppard Smith, who was often critical of President Trump, left Fox News for CNBC, which is owned by NBC, and was also awarded a whopper contract. So, I wonder if Chris Wallace is in talks with NBC and is trying to land a whopper contract himself. NBC, which also owns MSNBC, is clearly biased and have made a habit of stealing Fox News talent who try to rough up Donald Trump. Just remember, if Wallace ends up at any of the NBC companies, you heard it here first.

Joe Biden’s performance, even if you think he won, was anything but stellar. You may have heard the flap about Trump not denouncing White Supremacy, but he did try and was interrupted by the other candidate on stage and then by the moderator, who was trying to help the other candidate on the stage. Never mind the fact that back in 2016, Wallace asked Trump the SAME question and Trump denounced white supremacy. Plus, Trump denounced white supremacy in Charlottesville and about 15 other times in the past 4 year. All of this, to be fair, makes Mike Wallace a huge prick for once again asking the President to do something that he knows has already been done. Lost in the media’s coverage was the fact that Biden not only refused to denounce Antifa, he went further and said, “Antifa is not an organization, they are just an idea”. He actually said that, and no one followed up. Isn’t Antifa the group responsible for burning down several cities throughout the country? The group that has been rioting and shooting Police? Aren’t they responsible for several billion dollars’ worth of damage? That is one hell of an idea! Tell the guy who saw his life savings go up in flames because these jerks burned down his bar, it wasn’t real, it was just an idea. Tell the widow of a slain police officer that her husband didn’t die, it was just an idea. You get the point, Joe is a moron and the best way to debate him, is to allow him to answer questions and to give him enough rope to hang himself.

Finally, to President Trump I would simply say, “Chill Dawg”. You were trying to rapid fire punch your opponent but you need to throw fewer punches but ones which are much more forceful and do more serious damage. Keep the mad dog ferocity but be in control by throwing knock-out blow after knock-out blow, and punish that lying, corrupt fool and put him in his place and finish this race once and for all. If I were coaching the President, I would stress that his first term record of accomplishments is quite extensive and that, by contrast, Biden’s 47 year history in Government is abysmal. Biden is weak and the more he speaks, the worse he sounds. On top of not condemning Antifa: he could not name a single law enforcement agency which has endorsed him; he would not admit that there was anything wrong with his son, Hunter, receiving contracts with China, Ukraine and $3.5 million from the wife of the Mayor of Moscow, while he was Vice President; seemed to have nothing bad to say about China for contaminating the World with a virus; and was unable to articulate an original idea all his own. He is weak, so let him be weak.

Next up, we have the Vice Presidential debates between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris and I expect a completely different outcome. For starters, both VP Candidates are probably the better debaters on their respective tickets and both have to do some damage control. I expect Kamala to come out a little fiery to try and get an edge on Mike Pence, but I believe that he is the most controlled individual in Washington DC. I expect, from Mike Pence, a game 2, Andy Petitte like performance (Yankee fan bias) that let’s everyone in the World know that his team is going to win the World Series. AGAIN.



Joe Dumbass, The Free Thinker

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