Free Thought of the Week 10/12/20

Oct 14 , 2020

Free Thought of the Week 10/12/20

TFT: 10/12/20




It is called Trump Derangement Syndrome, TDS, and it’s real. This syndrome effects people’s ability to think rationally about this President, the Country and the History which has always guided our politics.  TDS is a serious problem and those stricken with it seem to be driven by the singular desire to have our President removed,

Keep America Great

BY Any Means Necessary, without regard to the amount of damage they cause in the process. We have seen this disease manifest itself in many forms and in many people. Unfortunately, as the election draws closer and as the Senate confirmation hearings commence this week, for Judge Amy Coney Barrett (ACB), we are going to be forced to endure another blistering frenzy of the unmitigated hatred that some in the media and the opposing party have for President Trump and anyone he would nominate for the Supreme Court. Sadly, who, he would nominate is irrelevant to the abuse that individual will be forced to suffer. The anger, for Trump, will be directed at his nominee because of their hate for him. Ms. Barrett, good luck and God’s speed.

I honestly believed back in 2016, after the last election, that the collective madness on the Left would abate and things would become normal once Donald Trump assumed office. Okay, I was wrong, but for some, it’s gotten worse and, as such, I am convinced that the only true cure is a Trump re-election, by a wide margin, and with it, a majority in both Houses of the Congress. Down the line, Trump control for four more years. The opposition to Trump is intense, to say the least, and their absolute hatred of this man extends to anyone who does not share their opinion. Allowing them any kind of control, at this moment in time, while they are consumed with such rage and anger, is dangerous because they will be looking to inflict pain and suffering on those they view as their enemies. You.

Over the past 4 years, because of the anger on the Left, we have all been forced to sit by and watch a Special Investigation which proved that our President won the last election fair and square. However, it did not stop there, after finding no illegal activity relevant to the President’s behavior, they created the obscene Obstruction of Justice charge. I say obscene because Obstruction of Justice, for an investigation where there is No criminal behavior, is not a thing. However, it did not stop there, after Russian Collusion failed, we were treated to Ukrainian Collusion almost immediately. Thank You, Adam Schiff, you miserable Bastard! This beauty was the result of a congratulatory phone call where our President asked for Ukraine’s assistance in rooting out corruption. The complaint came from a person who was not on the call and who has never been identified. Apparently, the part of the Constitution which explicitly says a person has the right to know who is bringing charges against him does not apply to President Trump? The transcript of the conversation was released and still the Democrats in the House, BECAUSE THEY HAD A MAJORITY, were able to impeach the President and force a vote for removal in the Senate. No dice, it didn’t work but the vote was strictly down party lines (except for Pierre Delecto a.k.a. Mittens Romney), and then we were treated to the Corona/Wuhan/China Virus which brings us right up to the current moment. Trust me, there’s so much more to unpack but I am limited by both time and space.

I am careful to not just blame the anger on the Left for its never ending attack on our President. I am 100% certain that a good deal of the coordinated effort to oust DJT from the highest office in the land has the finger prints of many, many Swamp People who do not believe that Citizens, who have never held Public Office, should have the right to run for the Presidency much less, actually hold the office. I believe that their fear of a true “Citizen President” compels them to do things they would never do to one of their own. Simply put, he is not a member of the club. Their club. Our government, their club, to be more accurate. And, to be really accurate, you have a fair amount of Republicans who are just as crazy as the Democrats who will stop at nothing to mar Donald Trump’s term in office. The Lincoln Project, is composed of such Republicans, who find themselves on the outside looking in and who no longer have a say in how a Republican administration operates. The one thing that these type of Republicans excelled in was in capitulating to Democrats. They were professional losers, who would rather be in the minority party so long as they were in charge of that minority party. They have absolutely no interest in helping to lead the Country to progress without protecting their own fiefdoms. Instead of joining the winning Republican team, in good faith, they have opted to work for the Democrats who are being run by the most radical elements of our society. Good job, assholes.

When it comes to governments and how they are run, I call myself cynical and realize that it is a gross under-statement. A government is a business, and no amount of adjectives can describe exactly how big of a business we are discussing. Into the many, many trillions, plus the government is able to print its own money…so, in reality, we have no way, with words, to describe the immense nature of the enterprise. We have all heard the truism that, “Money is the root of all evil”. If you can offer a better term then “cynical”, I am all ears, but at least you know my reasoning. The money pot is huge and the power is even greater. Money and power, power and money, what more do you need to make people go crazy?

I have been firm and resolute in my support of our “Citizen President” for no other reason than that I have lost complete faith in our professional, political class. I hate them and they hate me but they also hate you! I hate them, or at least the way they have allowed our government to be run, because it always seemed as though the American people did not matter. Donald Trump is not perfect but he does put the American People first and I love that! Vote Trump like your life and Country depend upon it…because they do!

Good luck, God Bless and Stay Strong,

The Free Thought

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