About Us

We are a politically incorrect group driven by the highest ideals of furthering the divide between the warring factions in today’s society. We are equal opportunity offenders who find humor in the faux rancor and blatant hypocrisy expressed everyday by so many of our politicians and public figures. We trust no one, as in not a single soul. We like even fewer people than that and will poke fun at those who we know deserve to be ridiculed. Our main goal is to provide the RIGHT HUMOR FOR THE RIGHT TIMES, and hopefully we can help re-introduce the lost concepts of sanity, reason and logic, not to mention humor, to important discussions that should be taking place.

Truth be told, we are much more afraid of insulting one extreme versus the other. We’ve come to the conclusion that the one side is more dangerous, more violent and more devious in their attempts to get counter voices silenced. We are that counter voice and we hold the principle of FREEDOM OF SPEECH as dear and precious as we do life itself.

The items you buy on this site are quality products that are designed to be fun. A portion of the
proceeds from every sale is donated to Gold Shield which is an organization focused on curing two of society’s biggest problems:

  1. Veteran Suicides, which are a staggering 22 per day; almost 1 every single hour of every single day;
  2. Cancer Research

Thanks for taking a look and joining in the fun!

Joe Dumbass